A Baby Giraffe Standing For The First Time [VIDEO]

Such skinny legs! So precious.

In the early morning hours on March 22nd at LEO Zoological Conservation Center, Petal, a 6 year old endangered Rothschild giraffe, began the early stages of labor. At 9.04am, after a relatively short labor, she gave birth to a healthy, female calf. Petal has bonded extremely well, was very attentive, and began nurturing her calf right away. Within 30 minutes of the birth, the calf was standing and nursing. Our new arrival was greeted by LEOZCC’s herd of giraffe who were eagerly watching the birth.

Plus, a puppy attack compilation, a cat plays with a plastic bag on its head, a tiny dog is worthy pit bull opponent and a little girl who gets extreme pleasure out of a dog running away.

Watch those videos below.

Beware of puppy!

You might want to go paper next time.

Don’t like size fool you.

Yep, dogs are funny.

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