Ay Dios Mio! Pete Wentz Surprised By Son’s Bilingual Behavior

July 22nd, 2010 // 6 Comments

Since neither Pete Wentz or Ashlee Simpson speak fluent Spanish, they were totally caught off guard when their son Bronx Mowgli started speaking a different language.

What I want to know is how long it took them to figure out that their Spanish-speaking nanny was the one he picked it up from and I hope that woman uses their secret language to her advantage!

Wentz tells E! Online, “He’s started saying, ‘Si.’ I always ask him stuff, and he’ll be like, ‘Si.’”

“I speak pretty bad Spanish but we have this fantastic nanny and she speaks Spanish to him. I think it’s really important to be global.”

Is speaking Spanish that global really? if he spoke Mandarin Chinese, now THAT would be global!

By Justin Thompson

  1. Natasha

    Uh yes I would say a language that spans continents is fucking global. Are you looking for the word exotic, perhaps?

    • Justin Thompson

      No, I’m looking for people who know how to take a joke. Clearly they never read this website. Ay Carumba!

  2. Emma

    LOL, agree with Natasha. Who wrote this post?! Spanish not global but Mandarin is? hahaha…

  3. Meh

    I love when people go to fun, lighthearted gossip blogs and take ‘em soooooo literally!!! u want literal? go to cnn.com geez

  4. Amanda

    lmao @ mandarin being global
    Spanish is more of a global language actually.

  5. taylor
    Commented on this photo:

    oh goodness that is so adorable! i love pete n his son is soo cute! he’s such a great dad :)

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