Aww. A Little Mini Pig Wants His Bottle [VIDEO]

January 4th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
Mini Pig Bottle
The Cutest Animal Video Ever Of The Day

All Hamlet seems to want is his bottle. Then again, who wouldn’t?

Plus, a fox plays a game of fetch, Jojo the dog demands to be petted, Mowgli the Bengal cat takes a dip in the sink and a poodle goes for a walk. Check out those videos below. 

A Very Well Trained Fox

Pet Me Please

Bath Time For Mowgli

A Poodle Goes For A Walk

Let Me Up!
French Bulldog Sofa
Someone wants to get up on the sofa! Watch »
Bull Terrier Puppies Attack Christmas Shopping Bag
Bull Terrier's enjoy some Christmas fun! Watch »
A puppy flips!
puppy flips while eating
A puppy literally flips for his food. Watch »
By Michael Prieve

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