Awkward Ex Run Ins: Katy Perry & Russell Brand Both Spotted At Lakers Game [PHOTOS]

There’s really nothing as awkward as running into an ex.

Especially when both of you are super famous. That’s exactly how it was last night for Russell Brand and Katy Perry as they both watched the LA Lakers take on the Dallas Mavericks at the Staples Center.

Katy showed up to the sporting event with her father and seemed to have an awesome time, despite the fact that Russell–the man who broke her heart–wasn’t seated that far away. Russell seemed a little more uncomfortable. He was there with a slew of young children for what I’m hoping was community service. So where was John Mayer to balance everything out?

Imagine how perfect that would have been. John Mayer shows up with Katy and she gives Russell a big, “Well screw you sir. You filed for divorce from me, and now I’m all happy with John while you’re in the middle of another lawsuit.” That would have been some super sweet poetic justice.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Katy and Russell at the Lakers game. Do you feel the uncomfortable vibe coming off of Russell too? Any of you readers attend the Lakers game last night? Did you pay attention to Russell and Katy? Sound off in the comments!

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