Avril Lavigne In Bazaar

January 10th, 2006 // 22 Comments

Is the young punkster growing up? According to Avril, she’s feeling more like a woman.

Avril Lavigne has ditched her adolescent punk style in favour of grown-up glamour. The young singer admits she feels more like a lady and was happy to pose in Gucci and Channel for next month’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

The 20-year-old told the fashion glossy: “I’m starting to feel more feminine. I’m getting into hair and makeup and image.” The magazine calls Avril’s new look, “Twiggy for the 2000s.”

Avril Lavigne ditches punk style [TeenToday]

(Images via LavigneOnline)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. paleface

    She a talentless, shrewy poser, but I do have to admit she looks lovely in those photos. Very reminiscent of a young Nicole Kidman.

  2. lisa

    She looks so elegant!

  3. netty

    Good to see a change, but I thought Nichole Richie was the “new” twiggy for 2000. Whatever…

  4. Avril looks lovely, but when someone runs around and says “Look at me, I’m changing my style!” she’s totally just doing it to get attention. Maybe she shouldn’t have thrown herself into such a niche a few years ago; she’ll always be remembered as “that fake punk girl.”

  5. Maryam

    she looks good, kinda reminds me of sienna miller.its just sooo weird not seeing her wear all that punk shit.

  6. laura young

    what is it with these magazines trying to make these teens look classier/older/more important than they are? Lindsey in Vanity Fair and now Avril? why ?

  7. ortem

    zero talent – boxed pop – disposable

  8. laura young

    exactly its not like shes even got an album to promote or a film or whatever her PR machine is promoting….not in the UK anyway-these lighting and make up people do a good job tho

  9. mutterhals

    She’ll always be the dumb little girl who mispronounced David Bowie’s name.

  10. CupidsBow

    She’s pretty but why choose to look so matronly while still in your twenties? All these malnourished teens look like they are wearing their mothers clothing and trying desperately to be seen as “grown ups”.

  11. paleface

    She mispronounced David Bowie’s name? Bwahahahahaa! *wipes tear* I still hate her.

  12. Aimee

    Wow like you’re so perfect you’ve never made a mistake in your life before!!

    Avril looks beautiful, much better than her errrm previous years.

  13. smroxs

    Oooh Avril, you’re such a classy bee-och. Just look at you pose! Remember when you tried to get our attention by acting like a rebel grrl, telling us how you could go to foriegn countries and drink even though you’re underage and flipping the finger every chance you got? Now you’re going to have to start doing lines of coke, throwing up everything you eat and slapping your assistant in order to get your Model-on and make us believe you’re a starlet.

  14. Silasdog

    Let’s take the chimp from the Brad Pitt photo, put him in an Armani suit, then put the picture in GQ. That would be the same idea as what’s going on with this bimbette, right?

  15. elsie

    she looks nice there. too bad she looks like a hobo rat with out any make up on.

  16. Milla

    She is naturally beautiful, has a nice tone in her voice, still I can’t imagine what makes some people think that she’s real! I mean she’s obviously acting up in clothes, in attitude, and in style!

  17. she acts like a retard

  18. Sum1

    y the hell ar ppl jujing her? i think evrything suits her…if u guys hav so much to say…y dont u guys go up and do wut she’s done..at least ppl recognise her voice …not lik u guys sittin around jujing others who put effort to actually be sumthin…good job avrill i knew she would grow up some day…

  19. Chase

    very beautiful, she looks good!…all people grow up , its no different when your famous and in the public eye…trying some thing new is always good…everyone commenting is immature.

  20. dy

    whatever you guys say, you can’t hide the fact that she looks absolutely gorgeous and elegant in those photos. all of us have different tastes in things so some of you might and might not like how she sings, how she looks and how she carries her style. she’s a typical twenty year old. the only difference is she’s famous cause she took a step to share her talent and knowledge in music. it’s just bad that when famous people do something erroneous or “mispronounce david bowie’s name” in front of the whole world they get labeled as dumb. guys, she’s just human and humans, however corny this sounds, do and WILL always make mistakes. so mutterhals, just a thought, stop sounding like you’re perfect. i’m pretty sure you’ve mispronounced some words and HAVE mispelled alot of them.=)

  21. Avril4ever

    she’s beautiful!!!!

  22. cathykuchi

    she looks like Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched..she should be the one who starred in bewitched..to young, though..

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