Avril Lavigne Grows Tiresome

September 14th, 2005 // 31 Comments

Right back at ya! Beeeoch!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Damer

    Chelsea Clinton must have went on the Nicole Richie diet.

  2. veelee

    She’s ugly.

  3. Ugly and sooo classy. One hit wonder bitch, go away already, nobody likes you. she is such a cliche, rocker chick who hates pop princesses but wants to be just like them deep inside, and is slowly becoming like them.

  4. ian

    send her back to canada…….
    and your right about how she is cliche , she makes me sick liek she is some crazy punk chic she wouldnt know punk if it bit her in the ass
    i would love to her get spit on at a gutermouth concert now thats punk .

  5. timk

    Without the racoon makeup she looks like Alanis Morisette… who is also from Canada… hmmm….

  6. c.lopez

    okaaaay, we get it: you’re punk rock.

  7. Crystal

    She has scary looking mini-fangs.

  8. Wait… aren’t angry rocker chicks supposed to be dark and brooding? When did she go blonde? And why did her stylist let her??

  9. meddy

    she looks like she belongs in porn.

  10. Yup

    I bet her fans love it when she gives them the finger…hey, fuck you!
    Anyway, Ian, why do you keep posting. No one can even understand what you’re saying, perv.

  11. Andy W

    Avril Lavigne: We get it. Now go away.

  12. mischa

    I agree with Milene, she jumped the pop princess band wagon. Let’s pray she doesn’t start taking off her clothes. Pasty bitch!!! She should get together with Lindsay Lohan.

  13. veelee

    Watch out when you diss Canada, Ian. Not everyone is from the USA, y’all. We don’t want her here either.

  14. mischa

    Ian, you’d bang her…

  15. moss

    I love the little 12 year old girl in the back ground looking up at her like, “You’re my idol Avril, will you teach me how to get into clubs on a fake ID and be punk rawk????”

  16. MIMI


  17. Obert

    one word

  18. selacanto

    can anybody see that there’s a green snake crawling on her, getting under her unwashed, shaggy looking hair?. Maybe this is just her way of crying out for help

  19. selacanto

    “helooo, jane.. give me a good ass whippin’with your fancy tropical creeper” that’s what tarzan would say. or ian

  20. Shana

    Bunch of haters man. Really read all these posts.
    I’d bet money that more than half of you are ugly.
    Ugly hateful depressing people you all are.

    It’s AVRIL LAVIGNE. She’s harmless.
    All y’all can come up with are cheap shots about the way she looks??

    The finger is for you guys!! She’s way better than any of you….makes a hell of a lot more money, and she’s got some talent.
    FUCK YOU from me too !!

  21. Yup

    Yeah Shana, everyone who rips on someone else is ugly and everyone who defends celebrities are awesome and super-smart. Every board has someone saying “you are all just jealous”. So. Played. Out.

  22. i

    Wasn’t she a celebrity last year?

    Maybe she should audition for the next rendition of Sunset Boulevard.

  23. Shana

    Not everyone who “rips” someone is ugly. It’s what was written that made me wonder about some of your own personal problems you guys seem to have.
    I don’t see this chick in the news all the time being a whore or anything.
    She’s got a lot going for her….
    So wtf??
    Send me of pic of you. Prove me wrong.

  24. Shana

    Here you go beeoottccchhh.
    Prove me wrong.

  25. Yup

    shana, got me there! Hey, you are super-smart giving out your e-mail like that. Good one. Wanna be friends, pen pals?

  26. Shana

    Relax Fido.

  27. Simple_Tina

    I saw her at Mel’s Diner in Sherman Oaks,CA. She was walking to the bathroom and she had her baseball cap all pulled down over her face so nobody would see her walking to the bathroom, and I was like “hahah Avril, going to take a shit!” and she looked at me all mean and said nothing. Dumbass.

  28. She really annoys me!

  29. nana

    Shana is Avril’s lil fantasy side-kick. I see dead people…

  30. I

    That’s hilarious, how you people are getting so bent out of shape over her. Jeez…. So she flipped some photographer the bird, so what? She’s a nice girl, I’m sure; as harmless as milk. No one ever bought all of that punk chick publicity crap, did they? She’s just a self-absorbed little teeny girl, singing about her highschool ex-boyfriend or whatever. That’s nice; she doesn’t bug me at all. If you’re sick of her, and anyone else that’s totally media-oversaturated these days, do yourselves a huge favor and stop listening to commercial radio. Anyone who listens to that crap is getting played by either Clear Channel, Infinity Media or Viacom–since they own all of the commercial radio markets in North America by now. Money talks, bullshit walks. If people don’t listen, they don’t hear ads and buy the advertised products accordingly. If the advertisers aren’t making money in that medium, they don’t buy commercial time. Ad revenue drops off, and the media corporations look for something else that they can overplay to death. That’s the cycle, that’s the way it works. Fuck these media corporations. Listen to college or internet radio. You may even find some artists that are worth your time in listening to. And while you’re at it, support your local bands, too.

  31. me

    She’s just a product. Talentless. Unintelligent. Obnoxious.

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