Avril Lavigne And Deryck Whibley’s New Lifelong Comitment…To Tattoos

Don’t you hate when you get drunk and do something you might regret like call and ex or get a tattoo? What about possibly getting a matching tattoo with your ex?

Avril Lavigne was been spotted out for a second time with her ex husband Deryck Whibley as they left Tattoo Mania parlor on Sunset Boulevard around 2 am, both with bandages on their right forearms. They seemed surprised to see the paparazzi, no one more frightened than Lavigne’s hair, and then the couple seemed giggly as Whibley decides the best plan for the situation is to go left. While Lavigne reportedly got the outline of musical notes we are not sure what Whibley got. Musical notes are not “Deryck’s Bitch 4Eva” so that’s good news.