Avril Lavigne Accused Of Ripping Off Songs

July 3rd, 2007 // 35 Comments

Fake punk chick Avril Lavigne tends to piss off the people she collaborates with and then never works with them again. Apparently, she tends to leave with a song or two and not issue the appropriate credits. Kinda of like when she f*cked me over and stole “Sk8er Boi”. Canadian songstress Chantal Kreviazuk tells “Performing Songwriter” in an interview that the surly little tyke absconded with her song.

Performing Songwriter: We just did a story with Avril Lavigne, whom you wrote with…

Chantal: I find it funny that it’s in Performing Songwriter. I mean, Avril, songwriter? Avril doesn’t really sit and write songs by herself or anything. Avril will also cross the ethical line, and no one says anything. That’s why I’ll never work with her again. I sent her a song two years ago called “Contagious,” and I just saw the track listing to this album (The Best Damn Thing) and there’s a song called “Contagious” on it–and my name’s not on it. What do you do with that?


More on the story after the jump.

Performing Songwriter: Call the lawyers?

Chantal: See, I won’t do that. I’ll just tell you. Art should not be subject to that kind of controversy. Art should be pure. In my head it is, anyway.

This chick’s a better dopey hippy dippy peace on earth broad than I am. Avril would find herself being served with a summons! Watch out, summons server! She spits!

By J. Harvey

  1. God

    Avril is the hottest thing I have ever created. Hippies are scum. God has spoken.

  2. Don’t listen to that impostor. I’m God for reals, y’all.

    It’s true I made Avril hot, but only because I didn’t want her to die of starvation from her lack of real talent.

    But really, the song “Contagious” is art? Ha!

  3. gia

    Ugh…I really can’t stand her.

  4. Joe

    So thats the guy to blame for the crappy music she puts out!

  5. Krainie

    It is sooooo yesterday news! It was discussed and ended with! Seeing the TITLE of the song in the track listing and NEVER EVEN HEAR IT is a bit too soon to make judgments and yell to the entire world that someone stole the song, right? The song was written for Avril’s former guitarist band but ended up at Avril’s album. I’m not a fan of hers but I know everything about that story! That’s creeps me up!

    Oh, and the song is shit! If Chantal did wrote it then she is not that good songwriter:)

  6. Kommissario

    It’s kind of funny when people talk about their music as “art”, but sell it (and produce it) like cheap soda.

    There is no “art” in “music” that these people create. It’s a freaking joke.

  7. fatso

    chantal kreviazuk isn’t my favourite, but she is a very talented woman. she’s had a quite a bit of success here in canada as an artist, and i suspect even more success writing songs for others. further, she’s an actual musician. i’ve seen her perform live with just a piano and her voice. no lip-synching, no choreography, no back-up vocals carrying the tune for her. on top of it all she’s gorgeous (or used to be – i haven’t seen her in a while) and could have easily achieved way more mainstream success if she skanked it up. instead she chose to let her music speak for her.

    it’s disgusting when actual artists lose out to phonies like avril. when avril calls herself an ‘artist’ i cringe. it’s not right, and i wish the record buying public would expect more from their singers. you know, like actual substance or ability or, god forbid, talent.

  8. you'rekiddingme

    “she is a very talented woman. she’s had a quite a bit of success here in canada”

    Really?!? I’m from Canada and can tell you Chantal hardly makes a blip on the music radar. Really, who cares about either of these two.

  9. Kazzie

    Whether you are a fan of Avril’s or not is irrelevant on this subject.
    Homegirl stole songs, and is absolutely incapable of writing. The songs she claims to have written, were all “co-written” by others. Others being at least 3 other people, as listed on allmusic.com and her albums.

    That is not songwriting. That’s collaborating. According to Chantal, she barely collaborated. She just picked and changed what she didn’t like, as all popstars do. That makes her, in no way different than Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera.

    Avril Lavigne’s songs are absolutely mediocre, written by her or not. The melody is simplistic, the words could have been written by any angsty teen girl.

    • Jordan

      Really? I have tried to quite good songs many times over, I can think I came up with a good verse or chorus, but when I look at it… Well it’s no good. I cannot seem to write anything even half as good as Avril…. I only wish I could for my soon to be bands sake, we only need some good songs!

  10. Carly

    I am from Canada- Winnipeg actually, which is where Chantal is from. Lately there hasn’t been much about her but during her rise to fame there sure was- she went double platinum in Canada (I’m not a big Chantal fan I just wikipedia’d her because I was curious after whoever said she barely blipped on the radar).

    Regardless of how talented Chantal is, it is so sad that because Avril has blown up so much, no one really cares that she stole a song and tried to pass it off as her own.

    I personally find Avril to be a bit vile, but do secretly love that song “Girlfriend” even though I bitch about what a stupid song it is.

  11. you'rekiddingme

    I say she’s merely a blip because, as you stated, she’s done nothing for quite a while. I get people from Winipeg getting behind someone from their city but let’s be honest – even when she was selling all those albums (back in 1996!!!) she wasn’t huge on the scene (double platimum is only sales over 200,000 not even 1/2 a million.) She’s a middle of the road music kind of person and that appeals to very few people. She hasn’t released anyting for like 5 years and some of her biggest hits were covers of someone else’s song. That being said if you rip someone else off it will come back to haunt you. Kids who buy Avril L.’s music don’t know about this or care. Those in the industry have heard about this type of situation over and over again. Karma will take care of her career. Hopefully sooner than later.

  12. fatso

    geez, i didn’t say she was celine dion. did chantal run over your dog or something?

    i said she “HAD quite a bit of success” here in canada. i guess we have differing versions of success. she’s had three albums in the top 30 here in canada, and has had a number of successful singles. besides, i think going double platinum in canada is a big deal (it’d be the equivalent of selling 2 million records in the u.s.). plus, i’m pretty sure she’s written singles for other people and there’s lots of money in that. i guess it all pales in comparison to nitpicking on internet messageboards though eh?

    in any event my point was that she’s an actual musician with a c.v. as such, i think she has a claim in her comments about avril’s songwriting ability. how legitimate those claims are remains to be seen.

  13. you'rekiddingme

    Nope, my dog is fine.
    Like you said we have different, very different, ideas about success.
    Platinum in the States is one million albums sold. That’s a huge difference than Canada’s platinum = 100,000 sold. I know, I know, population number differences etc. but I just really don’t like Chantal’s extremely schmaltzy songs or her annoying, take on a fake weird accent pronounciation of words when she sings. My point is I don’t think either one of them are great talents, C.K. never did that great when she was known and karma will no doubt take care of Ms. Avril.
    We’ll agree to disagree on this topic or ideas ot whatever.
    Have a good day fellow prarie person and I hope the mosquitos don’t get ya.

  14. agreed

    Come on, Chantel has had success in Canada .. Her music sold well when it came out and is still played.

    Avril, also from Canada has done much better (in comparison) – - which I feel is unfortunate as I believe Chantel is the real song writter/talent comparing the two.

    i don’t understand how you cannot call someone on plagerism???

  15. IFuckedAvril

    Avril is hot. I banged her when she was on tour a couple years ago. What a slut! Her music’s OK, not great. She is a total poseur. And she was only so-so in bed.

  16. Jessie

    i really can,t stand this biotch either, she’s fake, pretentious and selfish. She’s so prep it’s disgusting

  17. kareno

    i love chantal. especially her song on the Felicity soundtrack.

    avril can’t write nor sing worth anything. whenever that “girlfriend” song comes on, i cringe. it’s not punk, it’s not even pop punk, it’s just crap.

  18. you'rekiddingme

    Whoa! That karma didn’t take long! Looks like Avril is getting sued by some former 70′s bubble gum group because they say she ripped off their song “Girlfriend”. If you listen to it and then Avril’s, on the main chorus the only thing different is she switched girlfriend to boyfriend.

  19. “She’s like so whatever
    You could do so much better
    I think we should get together now
    And that’s what everyone’s talking about!

    Hey! Hey! You! You!
    I don’t like your girlfriend!
    No way! No way!
    I think you need a new one
    Hey! Hey! You! You!
    I could be your girlfriend”

    That’s ART? This little wannabe-punk twit wouldn’t know talent if it bit her on her scrawny ass.

  20. raztaz12

    Chantel is talented. Period.
    Avril is not. Period.

    Chantel can say anything about art, because she IS an artist. Chantel is in the top 5 BEST canadian artists ever…

    As i type Avril comes on the radio… oh great. I cant stand her! Keep holding on, because her life has been so god damn hard. Whatever.

    Avril is a first of all married woman, who is singing a song called girlfriend. And second is from a TINY town and has no idea what Punk really is, I hate her live performance she CAN’T sing in person, she doesn’t write, she isn’t punk, and she’s not a pop princess. She is a nobody and selling herself for money… wait thats not an artist thats something else.

  21. gem

    if it was really her song, she would’ve absolutely sued and won. i’m guessing the title’s the same and that’s where it ends. i think she wants free publicity by talking some jive. as far as i’ve heard avril does write a lot of her stuff. she wrote breakaway, which kelly clarkson ended up using.

  22. Razzmatazz

    I’ve met Avril. Got to hang with her for a few hours during a Disney event (I worked in the press department). I’ve met many celebs in my time, but let me tell you…Avril is the worst. I used to kind of like her, she seemed more interesting than the Britneys etc. but she had ZERO personality.

  23. lorna

    avril lavigne does not copy songs she has got talent and chantel is jelous of avril because avril is better there are loads of songs called contagious and she can not stand avril being better than her and that her names not on avrils record avrils music is great chantel is a dog avril does sit and write songs by her self i have seen it my self just because she has natrul talent

    to be honest in the uk chantel has never made ever even had a chart hit or made a penny she is so jelous and she is a betraile and she talks about people behind their back what kind of a b**ch is she. and after she did this interview she went and apoligised to avril shes a two faced dog and that is the truth

  24. lorna

    avril lavigne does not copy songs she has got talent and chantel is jelous of avril because avril is better there are loads of songs called contagious and she can not stand avril being better than her and that her names not on avrils record avrils music is great chantel is a dog avril does sit and write songs by her self i have seen it my self just because she has natrul talent

    to be honest in the uk chantel has never made ever even had a chart hit or made a penny she is so jelous and she is a betraile and she talks about people behind their back what kind of a b**ch is she. and after she did this interview she went and apoligised to avril shes a two faced dog and that is the truth

  25. JustThe Facts

    No real surprise here, so many times in the past we have seen how people will react when an artist/musician becomes very successful. It’s is an ugly part of our human nature and in the music world professional jealousy or envy goes way back, Salieri had it for Mozart, etc. Great success breeds jealousy, envy and contempt.
    It is sad to see jealousy rearing its ugly green head when a fellow artist in a weak moment of character lashes out against those who are more successful than they are. Acts of jealousy to discredit, slander or profit from discrediting their fellow artist, rarely benefits the accuser and often backfires making themselves looking pretty awful.

  26. Mikey

    Chantal is a cold bee-otch, but she is, or rather was, a good songwriter with the team she started with on her first album (Under These Rocks and Stones). After that it was all downhill. I think the Our Lady Peace guy she married messed up her skills (he really sucks so badly). Then Avril hooked up with them and got the same curse.

    As for a 16 year old girl (or however old Avril was when Let Go came out) writing the music… may ass! Child prodegies are as mythical as delicious crap. Not even the ancient greats who weren’t distracted by today’s TV and stuff would be able to write geat-to-hear music untill they were older. (A kid pounding at scales at the age of four is nothing more than a novelty that wears thin and fast).

    Forecast: You will not hear anything good from Lavigne unless it is written for her or it’s a total fluke. And Kreviazuk is past her ripeness for cool tunes and is just a bore, but she might just, tentatively, come out with a rockin’ tune.

    Summary: Raine Mada (?sp) may be at the root of bad Canadian music today.

    Post Summary: Anything is possible.

  27. anonymous

    wow they don’t even sound the same nd avril lavigne shouldn’t be getting sued they probably just jealous cause her song was a hit and theirs wasn’t i bet u anything she is gonnna win the lawsuit

  28. Agitated

    Okay, Avril.. USED to have talent, she used to have attitude and an inyourface image. It was what made me respect her. Her originality.
    She used to be so different. She had soul in most of her music. Now it’s all about nothing, Nada. Squat. It sucks. And she USED to say; “Oh, I’ll never become one of those stupid Hollywood ditzes. I’ll never be one WITH the crowd”

    What’d she do? Dissapear for an eternity, come back, blonde and pink hair, and making bubblegum bullshit. She lost all of my respect.. And I’m not the only one. She has become one of them now. She used to exist in a different manner, now nothing seperates her from Paris Hilton and them.
    It’s ridiculous and sad. I don’t understand what happened to her, whatever it was, it really blew it.

  29. iFuCkEdYoUsAyS

    shut up bitch..u’r ol fucking shit..stop that topic..ok,ok chantal is good avril is verry good..fucking chantal is nice avril is verry nice..i think chantal is envy to avril,’coz avril is popular now and she is not,harharhar..she’s fucking shit looooseeeerrrr…!!!period…!!!

  30. Tammy

    Well I don’t care what anyone says, Avril Lavigne ROcks!!

  31. Frank

    fuck your lifes she rocks

  32. Robert

    Avril can sing live unklike Miley, Hilary or Lindsay. And she writes her own songs.

  33. ca ca

    avril is so fake she has a chip in her microphone thats just rong but she writes her own songs

  34. laquishhaaa,,<3

    mayynnneee avril iz da bestt dammnn sinngaa to dizz dayy i donnt karee wut yall nighas have to sayy bout her cuz yall be hateinn on a nigha cuz theyy succesfull nnd yall aint soo iff yall got summ ta sayy u finna gett a piece off ma minndd
    soooo quitt hateinn nnd talkiinnn s***t bout avrill yaa diqq!!

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