Avril Lavigne As Drunk Girl

A pretty good impression I have to say. Hopefully just live and learn, and not the spiralling out of control that Star Magazine is claiming.

When it comes to drinking, Avril, who brags about having a fake ID, says, “I’m the kind of girl who, when I go to a bar or club, I just want to get wasted.”

And wasted the tiny (5′ 3″, 103 lbs.) rocker gets. Her drink of choice: a double shot of Grey Goose vodka with ice — though as this photo shows, the glass and cubes are optional.

A friend tells Star: “Avril totally drinks to get drunk. And when she’s drunk anything goes — she turns into an absolute party animal.”

That was evident at Hollywood’s chic Spider Club on April 29. The giddy Canadian rocker needed to lean on girlfriends as she stumbled out of the exclusive Moroccan themed hot spot. She signed some autographs before speeding away.

To be a young celebrity. She may want to avoid Spider Club.

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