Avril Lavigne Does Some Surly Christmas Shopping

November 23rd, 2007 // 14 Comments

Avril Lavigne is giving the paparazzi her signature move, which would be a lot more offensive and a lot less silly if this finger were attached to someone who could actually back up the sentiment and not a little wood sprite in sunglasses and pointy boots. She was spotted with her husband, Sum 41′s Deryck Whibley, in these pictures, shopping at the 99 Cent Only Store, apparently getting some Christmas decorations. Well, it’s good to see she’s getting into the holiday spirit of things. Merry Christmas, now get the hell out of my face.

Photos: Flynet Onilne

More photos of Avril Lavigne and hubby Deryck Whibley leaving the 99 Cent store after the jump.

Photos: Flynet Onilne

By Lisa Timmons

  1. James

    Avril Lavigne is a fuck wad. The prettier she gets the more fuck headed she gets. Dumb rude bitch.

  2. Don’t ask me why but I hate her!

  3. it's britney, bitch

    Isn’t this the same Avril Lavigne who was recently all holier-than-thou about how people like Britney Spears should know how to handle fame and attention gracefully?

    Then again I guess she figures she’s gracefully flipping the paps the bird.


  5. Kattybitch

    She’s shopping at the 99cent store? Was I mistaken or does she have money…maybe thats her secret! Her albums really aren’t selling, she’s buying them all and to compensate for the loss in funds she has to shop with the rest of us who struggle to get by…yes..it all makes sense. An all Ramen diet makes me surly too.

  6. Sarah

    I don’t blame her. I don’t blame anyone for getting annoyed when they have a dozen photographers following them around while they do the most mundane of errands. Has anyone ever heard the things these photogs say to provoke celebrities? It’s usually pretty messed up.

  7. NYSailorScout

    She is being sued for stealing songs and then trying to pass them off as her own.

    She has no integrity whatsoever, musical or otherwise.

  8. stolidog

    i reaaaaaaally dislike this one.

  9. silvarga

    I wish the paps and pretty much everyone would leave her alone… Because I would actually prefer to be ignorant of her existence on this earth, period.

    Can’t we just put this one in a box and ship her to North Korea?

  10. sarah

    sarahmhardy@live.com add me i am new at e-mail and m.s.n and what ever this is it is boring.

  11. Ricardo

    How can all of you hate her? Imagine you were followed by papparazzi EVERYWHERE you go, who take pictures of EVERYTHING you do. Isn’t that DAMN ANNOYING? This is a reason I like Avril, she isn’t a showoff like other celebrities, she HATES papparazzi and in that picture she is just expressing her opinion about them. And NYSailorScout, what music did she copy? That Girlfriend thing is a coincidence, I heard the other music and it’s really different from Girlfriend.

    Avril-haters, help the community and KILL yourself please. You’re jealous she has such talent, but the truth is that SHE ROCKS! If you like her it’s ok, if you don’t, get away and don’t say shit about her!

  12. Shelly

    Ok, people give her a break! How would you like it if every single thing that you ever did was either in pictures or in the news. I would do the same thing if i was in her position. Just think about it, she cant really go any where with out people following her. How would you handel it?

  13. Sprmcandy

    She could write & perform a song about gagging to death sucking a cock, that might help out her carree.

  14. star

    you guys r just hating on avril she fucking rocks so just leave her the hell alone damn

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