Avril Lavigne Denies She’s Pregnant

False alarm, everyone. Turns out Avril Lavigne is not having herself a sk8er boi, or gurl. Despite rumors abounding yesterday that she and boyfriend Brody Jenner were expecting, Avril is denying the rumors.

In fact, she’s kind of offended by them. They started yesterday when Avril wore an over-sized poncho to get her nails done. She tells reporters, “Oh my God, that was yesterday! I was out getting my nails done with my girlfriend and I had a poncho on. There was a whole thing online that I was pregnant. I’m like, ‘How insulting!’ So no, I’m not. Obviously!”

PHOTOS: Avril Lavigne Looks…Dirty

The only thing Avril plans on giving birth to any time soon is her new fashion line. As for a real baby, she and Brody are not planning on starting a family anytime soon. Really though, why would she bother ruin her bangin’ bikini bod for a baby? Sure they’re cute, but they grow in you!

Check out the photos of Avril in the gallery and let us know if you would have guessed she’s pregnant. Clearly she took those rumors to heart and wore something more fitted today. Sad she’s not pregnant? Happy because no one should reproduce with another Jenner? Let us know what you think in the comments!