Avoiding Jon Voight

Disaster averted. Angelina Jolie almost had an encounter with her estranged father Jon Voight. Thankfully for her, the encounter was avoided. Page Six has the details:

The ultimate celebrity couple spent a half-hour sitting in their car out side the party after learning that Jon Voight was in side. Pitt finally went in by him self to pay respects to Caan, his co-star in “Ocean’s 11″ and “Ocean’s 12.” Moments after Pitt’s arrival, his presumptive father-in-law left the party, paving the way for Jolie to enter through a back door.

I’m thinking that Mr. Voight has been deeply regretting those “mental problem” comments that he made about Angelina a few years ago.

Party Spoiled [Page Six]

Written by Lauren Burch