Avatar Trailer Hopes To Blow Your Mind

Finally! After literally years of anticipation and suspension, the world finally gets a peek at the genius of James Cameron. The long awaited trailer for his film Avatar was released today, and personally I think it look pretty cool.

The big-budget, 3D, science fiction film follows a paraplegic war veteran, played by the super sexy Sam Worthington, who is sent to distant planet to help build a human settlement. The natives of the planet Pandora, the Na’vi race, begin a war with the humans, but not before the humans can make themselves into Na’vi/human hybrids, called Avatars.

The film has been James Cameron’s pet project since 1995, and he has spent the last fourteen years perfecting the techniques to make the film. The special effects are supposed to be more incredible that anything we’ve ever seen, and the use of 3D is insanely good.

For the hype that is surrounding this movie, it’s one of those that had better deliver. I think the trailer looks good, but I’m just gonna have to wait to see. If anyone is going to Avatar Day tomorrow where they’re showing 16-minutes of the film, let me know how it is.

Make sure to watch the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think about it. Good? Bad? Weird? All of the above?

Gallery Info: Screenshots from James Cameron’s Avatar.