Avan Jogia: Miley Cyrus’ New Man

HollywoodLife.com is reporting that Miley Cyrus has left Liam Hemsworth in the dust and has moved on to 18-year-old Avan Jogia (yeah, I don’t know how to pronounce it either, so ‘new boi’ does me just fine.)

The 17-year-old singer has been spotted several times over the past month with the Nickelodeon star but Miley seems hell-bent on being single for her birthday on November 23!

First there was a lunch date Oct. 28. Then, both of them attended a Halloween party together. On top of all that, Avan had an awkward interview with Tiger Beat about the alleged relationship saying, “We’re hanging out, but I don’t really have to much to say about that.”

I think Miley should just keep dating and keep her options open. She’s gonna be 18 – that’s no reason to settle down or for us to believe that she shouldn’t be out sowing some oats. Like with that Kings of Leon singer