Author Terri McMIllian Set To Divorce Gay Husband

June 30th, 2005 // 35 Comments

I guess Terry and her man grooved to a different beat.

Author Terry McMillan has filed for divorce from the man who inspired the 1996 novel “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” which chronicled the romantic adventures of a 40-something woman who falls for a guy half her age.

In papers filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court, McMillan, 53, says she decided to end her 6 1/2-year marriage to Jonathan Plummer, 30, after learning he is gay. The revelation led her to conclude Plummer married only to get his U.S. citizenship, she said. McMillan met Plummer at a Jamaican resort a decade ago.

“It was devastating to discover that a relationship I had publicized to the world as life-affirming and built on mutual love was actually based on deceit,” she said in court papers. “I was humiliated.”

In response, Plummer maintained McMillan treated him with “homophobic” scorn bordering on harassment since he came out to her as gay just before Christmas.

While the details may be slightly different, Star Jones, you may want to take notes.

Terry McMillan divorcing ‘Groove’ muse [CNN]

UPDATE: Yes, I know that the photo above is of Star Jones and her husband. The photo was posted in reference to the last line of the post. Got it?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Spaz Cadet

    That was hilarious. Star, you are next. May your comeuppance be as big and humiliating as you deserve. And that’s huge because of those tsunami comments you made.

  2. Wow, that is SO sad!! That poor woman, she must feel really humileated. Maybe I’m out of the loop but why is it that there is so much speculation about Star Jones’ Mister?? I can’t remember ‘the source’ of all this wonderment…

  3. brilliant and sad all at once. There is definite Hollywood sequel potential in this.

  4. Brian

    Star so knows her husband plays for the other team.All she cared about was being able to have her over the top wedding.Hell,my Godmother,who is 70 years old was the first of MANY to ask me why Star was marrying a gay guy.(I guess since I’m gay I’m suposed to know these things LOL)As long as she doesn’t catch him wearing her shoes or her furs,she’s happy having her new “I’m a successful(rich) black woman”accessory.They deserve each other.I feel sorry for that poor shaking terrified dog she adopted.(The four legged one,not Al)The look on that poor things face when Star dragged it out for it’s debut on the view was heartbreaking.

  5. Harry

    Thats not Terry thats Star Jones and her gay husband. I don’t think she knows that yet though or she is doing a great job pretending.

  6. lala

    good for her! that guy was ugly anyway.

  7. medeastrawberry345

    You published a picture of star and Al, Crule but funny. Mysteriously Al quit his job after his beard(wife) said he could stay at home.



  9. Sallas

    RE: Terry McMillian Article June 30,2005.
    The picture that you have posted is NOT of Terry Mcmillian. That is a picture of Star Jones and her New husband.

  10. Miu

    The photo pertains to the last line of the post. And Rochelle, the photo is obviously not a statement that all black people look alike. My God. It’s a dig at Star Jones.

  11. tunaboat

    Al is soo gay that when Saks provide his custom made $5,000+ suit for the wedding…free of charge…he had the nerve to ask for another one to don for the reception. I mean, come on!!

  12. x

    you have the wrong couple up this is not terry m.

  13. Gayle Mba

    Why do you have a picture of Starr Jones and her husband posted on this website

  14. Cherbourg

    It’s called sarcasm people. The picture of Star and Al was posted on purpose. At least Terry did not lie to herself. I think she really felt it was true love. You can not blame her for that. I have cousin who is supporting a Jamaican who spent years in the U.S. pretending to be a diplomat and a lawyer. He cheated on her like a dog while in the states and continues while in
    Jamaica. You can not tell a woman about her man no matter how bad or lowdown he is…some women are were born to be fools for men.

  15. Alexis

    That picture on your front page is of Star Jones and her new husband…not Terri McMillian

  16. Anita

    Terry should have used common sense…. She wanted a young boy…. she got a young boy…. she had fun and now it’s time to admit you got played and move on. Hopefully she was not totally stupid and had a prenuptial agreement.

  17. JEN


  18. K moore

    This is Star Jones not Terry what kind of garbage is this!

  19. TB

    Yes I like that title “Terri’s Revenge”.. The Plot – Terri hires a nice gay man w/ very progressed HIV to befriend Johnathan, and they become lovers, and the rest is history! (a very short history)

  20. elon

    if you want to see the jerk that broke Terri’s heart and is now trying to do the same to her wallet go to there’s a picture of them when she thought they were happy. too sad. i’d hire someone to kick his ol dusty tail and put him back on a canoe to the bahamas. at least the inspiration from the meeting inspired a book and a movie deal that landed ger millions. i hope they deport him with only the sand he had in his pockets when they met, trifling scoundrel. i guess gold diggin’ isn’t just for chicks sanymore. lol.

  21. tvjacdiva

    People always think what they do is their business but everythign we do effects the people around us. Terry’s husband is a low down piece of garbage. But Terry has to know that what he has done to her he will not get away with it. She should not give him one thin dime of HER hard earned money. He’s lucky that he is still able to breathe!

  22. renee

    you have star jone and husband not terri mcmillian and her husband wrong pictures

  23. bob

    well yeah thats not terry mcmillian thats star jones and her husband well talk to you later

  24. Char

    Everyone listen up, we all know that the picture posted is Star and Husband. What is being said is that Star has the same situation going on but just don’t know it yet. It took Terry 6 years maybe it will take Star 6 years to found out the Mr. Star is Down Low.

  25. Black Diva

    There are many black woman married to gay black men. Many of them were some desparate to have a husband, until many are in denial. You have a DC Minister who spoke out recently from the pullpit of his church, stating many black woman have stated, they don’t need a man. He says, because black woman are making more money than black men, many have turned to being lesbians. There is a lot of ignorance out there. I wish all women good mental health after finding out their man is GAY, because it’s enough to send them to HELL.

  26. Shonna

    the title of her next book is the CHI CHI MON is dead!

    a chi chi mon is a gay guy from Jamacia

  27. Patrick

    I am a gay Jamaican man married to a black American woman for a few years. She is none the wiser. We lived in Atlanta, after I was unable to find a viable position we moved back to home.
    We returned to Kingston after my father died. I took over his struggling business. My wife who is intelligent, beautiful and has great career would never guess in a million years I am attracted to men also. Her company allowed her to work from our new home in Kingston. She has said many a times “she has invested a allot of time in this relationship”. I have a teenage son from a previous marriage. My wife treats him like her own and my ex-wife enjoys the benefits of my wife’s labors. We do not force her to …many black American women would rather have any man than no man. Although I do not think my wife would stay with me if I beat or verbally abused her she is incapable of thinking I may be gay. She has accused me a few times of cheating on her with a woman but would never suspect it is occasionally a man. She has not made any friends in Jamaica since we moved a close to a year ago. She will never divorce me…she gave me a veneral disease while we were dating. She does not know I already had herpes. Black American women are fools for an accent. lol

  28. Nastaljah


    No. All African-American Women are not fools for an accent.

    If nothing else, Terry McMillian’s break-up with her husband and the comment you made should serve as a reminder to black women of the incredible dysfunction of black men.

    I am a beautiful, intelligent, straight, single never-married, no children, non-dating, 42-year-old, proud black woman who knows what time it is.
    I am confident that I have much to offer to a relationship, but I refuse to cast my jewels to Down Low Dogs.

    I’ve learned that there’s much more to life than a relationship. More important to me is how I spend my time, as opposed to wheather or not I spend my time with someone. I wish more black women would learn this.

    I urge black men everywhere to learn of the history and proud legacy of Africian-American women: how they fought and died for their men and children and their awesome survival (a survival that now seems to be threatened by black men), then ask yourself, “How can I treat black women this way?”

    I challenge black women to stop feeling that they need the companionship of black men to validate their self-worth, especially when they continue to demonstrate so powerfully that they do not love us.

    I have come to the realization that I may never experience the honest, whole-hearted affection of a black man. I have made my peace with this understanding, and now, I feel an overwhelming sence of wholeness.

    The world is a very big place, with many worth-while causes. I challenge black women to lend your spirit, your time, your energy and your passion to some cause or someone that needs you and will appreciate you. I have.

    Terry, my prayers are with you during this difficult time; I’m looking forward to the sequel to “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.”


  29. chyna

    I really think that terry knew he was gay all along maybe she thought she could change him or that he was going to change on his own. I just dont understand how if a man knows he is gay than why waste your time with a woman especially a black woman. I think it is sad how many brothers that are on the down low my gadar is definitely up. I feel sorry for terry and star and many successful black sistas that are dealing with these men. Maybe these successful sistas have some low esteem issues because one thing about a woman is you know when your man maybe suspect to be with another man and you will get red flags in the relationship but only if you are honest with yourself about it though. I pray for these women and also myself that I never become victim to this terrible deceit that black men portray.

  30. Saa

    All of these posts are pretty venomous, divisive and ultimatley self-destructive to African-Americans /West Indians at large.

    Wake up folks! Is it so impossible to imagine that this Plummer dude actually DID love Mcmillian AND that after 6yrs he did finally confront (aka accept) his homosexuality. Since social acceptance is in short order at large…and particularly absent in our Black community…Is it so impossible to imagine that in getting married he was trying to “cure” himself of being a homosexual? Sound screwy? Maybe, but that’s how most black men deal, white men become priests (and you see how that turns out) but let’s face it…it’s not exactly a walk in the park to be a black man in this country…or world…now add to that being openly gay!

    I feel the educated folks that I sense on this blog should take a step back and think a little more about tolerance and the complexities of the human heart and mind. jUst because he likes men now doesn’t mean that he didn’t love her.

  31. tonichaa

    Saa please! What he loved was what she could give him.
    He knew he was gay all along but what he wanted was the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and a US citizenship. So he had to pretend for six years, that was nothing for him. Lots of us that are USA Citizens take it for granted but lots of folks will do anything to become a citizen of the USA. I have seen it so many times in the military, with some woman from the Philipines. I knew of one case where the woman had fooled everyone and as soon as she received her citizenship she had her husband served with divorce papers the next day on the ship and was sending for her lover from the Philipines. This is no different from what johnathan is doing he was Gay when they first met, he just wants to be a Gay US Citizen.

    So if he really loved Terry like he said he did, why didn’t Jonathan agree to a private judge and go thru with getting a divorce with out going public, no he did not love her, he got one thing he wanted: his citizenship and now he wants to get paid. I think his citizenship should be revoked because this was his plan from the start.

    Read what Terry said in “Terry gets tough” in October 2005 Essence Magazine.

  32. denise

    I been to jamaica and it seem that all the men there are looking for american women,because it is such a poor country and pay is so low,but don’t get it twisted we are not I say sisters when or if you go there just go to have fun,and play with their silly little minds.I have them spend their money thinking they might get something,you know how we do it at home,then the same thing gos for them.dont let the smooth voice fool

  33. keya

    It is sad that terri has to deal with this situation but dont get it twisted when you deal with boys a boys’ mentality is what you get. Maybe he did love her at one point but just like a boy their minds can change in a instant. just like when boys get tired of their old cars he traded her ass in for a newer and foreign model so a word to the wise leave these young boys alone and find a man but next time do a background check and a little private investigating cause like my granny used to say what dont come out in the wash will definatly come out in the rinse

  34. ju ju

    Terry you too smart to the point that you stupid you can get your groove on without marrying the guy. You was dick whipped plain and simple. Girl stick with yo own age group of men. But, don’t give him one penny. by the way that nigga is so ugly uglyyyyyyyyy!

    I’m not a fan
    never heard of you til Oprah aired yo sorry ass story

  35. Jachele'

    I pray for all of you! That’s what’s wrong with us today. We always commenting on or about someone elses situation. I’m pretty sure we all got stories! We’re just not famous and no one cares to hear about them! Instead of talking about it, pray about. I pray for your situation Terry and yours too Star!

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