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My name is Viannie Bell and I am an intern for Buzz Media's up and coming entertainment based website the Socialite Life. I am a Broadcast Journalism Major at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and my expected graduation date is May of 2012. I am passionate about the entertainment industry, media consumption, documentaries, cultural studies, fashion, music, art, pop culture, photography etc. I am a New York City Native with a love for life and meeting new people. I am open to doing collaborations with other artist or directors/producers on projects. If you have any Job offers, comments and criticism for me please do not hesitate to contact me via email

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Posted July 28, 2011, 12:23 PM | (4 Comments)

In response to Ashley and Mumbaki
I am actually a fan of Vanessa Minnillo. As a broadcast Journalism Student I have always admired her broadcast/hosting style. She is very beautiful & down to earth & it shows in her performance. Minnillo and Nick actually met on TRL while he was married to Jessica. Although nick though Minnillo was beautiful he didn’t pursue anything until after the divorce. I would love to be in her shoes one day career wise and would love to meet my future partner through an interview..I am a avid reality show viewer so I def will be watching the special right along with you.. I think that is the cutest love story ever….My apologies if I offended you. Take Care -Viannie