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Posted March 22, 2011, 9:02 PM | (1 Comment)

He’s getting a raw deal from the media and we all know that!! He’s a great performer, great singer and dancer…cool and chill person!!! But like he built himself up from the situation 2 years ago, he’ll bounce back from this!!!! Keep living life Chris….Kill em all with kindness

Posted March 22, 2011, 8:57 PM | (7 Comments)

ugghhh like really leave dude alone….that crap happened 2 years ago…it shouldn’t have even been brought up!! He was there to promote his cd….let dude live his life!!!! He could’ve reacted a little better but I think he was pushed to that point…like GMA tried to push him there…the lady kept going back to the situation even when he was trying to change the subject!!! Dont see anyone harassing Rih big headed ass about what she did to provoke that situation 2 years ago, just swept her part under the rug…. He’s apologized, did his part to tried to stay low key for the most part….let the guy live his life!!! I’m still going to cop mi FAME!!! Chris Brown all day!!!!