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Posted October 17, 2012, 3:39 PM | (1 Comment)

Hello Mr. Freire, someone is portraying themselves as you Mr. Freire and making fun of gay people and teasing them with your pictures on Facebook. I don’t think it is right of him. He says he is going to college majoring in neuroscience or something which would take alot of his time but he is on FB all the time. I would think it would take quite a bit of time for college and studying. He then was excited about working with animals part time and teaching children how to treat animals which is good but with the time I feel it would take to be in your profession I don’t think it’s you. He goes by Dodge Freire and he personally told me his first name was Carlos then started shooting pictures of you to me. It doesn’t matter to me because I was befriending him for gaming purposes but I seen how he treated the homosexual society and didn’t think it was right so I defriended him. By the way you do have a nice built body and I do admire people who keep themselves physically healthy. If this happens to be you then have a good day and if you think what is going on is okay then please continue. Sincerely, DaWayne

Posted October 17, 2012, 2:55 PM | (75 Comments)

I would love to take my wife to Alaska! Would love to win…
10-2-63 DaWayne Janzen