Australian Mag Publishes Honeymoon Pics Of William and Kate

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The newlyweds made their way across the palace lawn.
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Australian magazine Woman’s Day recently revealed a cover featuring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on holiday, a never-before-seen photo from what is believed to be their May 2011 honeymoon in the Seychelles.  It is common knowledge that an agreement between respected members of the press and St. James Palace forbid photos be taken of royals in their private lives.

“I’m surprised these have been published given that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were honeymooning at a private resort where they no doubt believed they had a full expectation of privacy,” royal photographer Mark Stewart told us exclusively.  “I think it’s unlikely they’ll ever see the light of day in the UK in printed form.

“The Duke and Duchess gave the world full access to their wedding ceremony and released photographs and video to news outlets of the more private moments of their special day. I think a week out of the spotlight was not too much to ask for in return.”

What’s odd is that these photos are only surfacing now, over a year since William and Catherine went on their honeymoon.  At the time,  photographers agreed not to travel to North Island where the couple stayed. 

The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes wrote,  “It is possible whoever secretly commissioned the photos then had second thoughts about alienating the Palace, and the photographer was then forced to wait out  an exclusivity period before selling them. This may also expalin why they have turned up in the Australian rather than much bigger UK or US markets.”

A St. James Palace spokesperson told SOCIALITE LIFE, “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s honeymoon was obviously a private occasion and we would ask people to respect their privacy.”

This, of course, makes Prince William’s battle for privacy an even bigger issue, given how ruthless the paparazzi was with his mother, the late Princess of Wales and with Kate when she was just a commoner.