Austin Mahone Shirtless On ‘Say Somethin’ Music Video Shoot [PHOTOS]

July 16th, 2012 // 1 Comment

‘I see you walk by extra fly
 /Baby where you going can I roll
 (Is it cool if I come with you baby?)
/ Living beach life, feeling right
 /You’re the hottest everybody knows (oh, oh)/
Burning up, burning up show em’ what you got
/Yeah you got it baby let it show’ are the first lines of Austin Mahone’s debut studio album’s single Say Somethin’ which released on itunes June 5. Check out the full lyrics for the song on The young talent was in Florida over the weekend on the set of his latest music video.

‘Mahomie’ fans cant help but sing along to the catchy tune of his Say Somethin‘ single– nothing too skin deep of course but a lighthearted song similar to Justin Beiber‘s hit songs that make teenage idolizers’ hearts skip a beat.

As always, Mahomie  showed love for his fans in the twitter sphere the day he was on location. ‘Today was amazing! Shot my first music video for #SaySomethinTHANK U 2 all of the people that helped me & the Mahomies that came<3 #blessed‘ The setting of the video takes place on a beach as the 16-year-old is shirtless wearing a loosely beaded necklace, bright yellow and blue hat, and pastel yellow board shorts surrounded by teenage girls in printed bikinis.

Launch the gallery to view the shirtless voice sensation Austin Mahone on the set of his new music video Say Somethin‘!




By Sila Manahane

  1. Austin Mahone Filming His Music Video In Florida
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    Austin you have a Really deep Belly Button due can i put my finger in your bellybutton please

  2. caitlyn

    Austin u r so fricken hot i could just come and see u shirtless!!!!!!!

  3. Austin Mahone Filming His Music Video In Florida
    Marko Thomas
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    I Will you Phone. number
    Will you house and you address

  4. Austin Mahone Filming His Music Video In Florida
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    Wow Austin is really sexy with out an shrit

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