Austin Mahone Celebrates His Birthday By Being Shirtless In Miami

Austin & Selena
Austin Mahone & Selena Gomez enjoy Disneyland together
When a guy knows he has a great body, I feel like he never wants to wear a shirt, ever. Whether he knows he looks good or not, Austin Mahone seemed to have the same mentality for his birthday weekend.

Austin turned 18-years-old this past weekend, and to celebrate he took his family and friends to Miami for a sunny beach weekend. I wish my friends flew me to exotic places for their birthdays. That sounds like the best. 

Austin was seen lounging by the pool with family and friends, looking super good in shorts and no shirt. When the whether is warm it should just be a requirement that attractive guys can’t wear shirts. Austin seems pretty on board with it.

Besides hanging out and celebrating, Austin was adorable and took selfies with all the fans who approached him. He even leaned over the side of the cabana to take pictures with fans who were lurking outside. Taking time off from your own birthday celebration to please you fans, now that’s cute.

Later in the day Austin enjoyed time jet skiing and hanging out on the beach. Sounds like he had a super successful birthday. It’s going to be hard to top this one next year, but I can’t wait to see him try.