Austin Butler Takes His Shirt Off In ‘Switched At Birth’ [PHOTOS]

Lakers Makeout Session
Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens sucked face.
Though he wasn’t straddled by girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens in these shirtless photos, Austin Butler certainly commanded attention while stripping down to his plaid boxers for a scene from ABC Family’s Switched At Birth.  Mmmm, delicious.

It’s been rather fun looking at pictures of Butler lately.  Ever since he started dating Hudgens, the tween star, 20, has been on our radar.  From Studio City to Miami and back, Butler has made our job vury easy. 

On Friday night (January 6th), he and Hudgens headed to LA’s Staples Center to watch the Lakers play the Golden State Warriors.  Though they had decent seats, the lovebirds couldn’t keep their hands and lips off one another.  On Saturday (January 7th), Butler and Hudgens grabbed lunch together in Beverly Hills.