Audrina Patridge With Angel Wings For PETA

April 21st, 2009 // 8 Comments

Somehow I don’t think that Victoria’s Secret will be happy about the angel wings. Audrina Patridge follows in many a starlet’s footsteps by posing for a PETA advertisement. The realitress poses in a white bikini and angel wings, holding her rescued dog Speedy Gonzalez, in the new campaign.

“Buying animals means killing animals… Each year, six to eight million unwanted dogs and cats are turned in to shelters, and half are killed because there aren’t enough good homes,” says Patridge.

She also urges pet owners to spay and neuter dogs and cats to prevent unwanted births. Good advice even if it does come from this one.

Gallery Info: Audrina Patridge Leaves ‘Cuvee’ After Lunch w/ Friends!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Nat

    That’s a lot of photoshop

  2. american dreamer

    the only thing photoshopped in that photo is that bitch Audrina is holding!

  3. Ummmmmmmmm

    She’s so airbrushed, she looks like a cartoon.

    BTW – Peta kills animals too. Oh, and UGG’s… make of suede.

  4. midwest

    Seven years ago I picked up a 10 week old kitten waking down the middle of a residential street and took her home. No buying, no adopting. She’s my baby now. She’s got a much better home, off the streets, where she can sleep and eat all day long. Strays are the best.

  5. kat420

    Hey wait a minute! Are those real feathers??? Kinda looks like it! Shame on you hypocritical PETA!

  6. Nicky

    Get over yourselves. The reason PETA puts down all these animals is because stupid people don’t know how to look after their pets and instead of them doing the dirty work they dump them at PETA for PETA people to deal with. Unfortunately PETA can’t find homes for all the animals and they can’t afford to look after all of the unwanted animals so the humane thing to do is put them down. And the wings were probably photoshopped in after the photo was taken. Did you know that if you become vegetarian you are making up for half of your carbon footprint? Doubt any of you could give up your precious meat though.

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