Audrina Patridge Turns Up Her Nose To Lesser Surfboards

Part of the appeal of being a celebrity is being able to do all the crap your little heart has ever desired.  Apparently, Audrina Patridge, of The Hills fame, seen outside the “Give & Get Fete” in West Hollywood last night, has always desired to surf.  Pretty innocuous desire, right?  WRONG.  
While us little people keep ourselves content using normal surfboards, Audrina’s piggies will only settle for the best – Chanel.  Who knew Chanel even made surfboards??  I guess if you make it, they will come.  Patridge comments, “The most expensive thing I bought recently was a $5,000 Chanel surfboard.  I’m using it as decor in my bedroom until I get really good at surfing.  It’s too pretty to risk chipping it!.”  
No, Audrina, that’s totally normal.  I too decorate my room with accessories I cannot yet use because they are too pretty and expensive.  Perhaps we should have thought about that before shelling out 5 grand on something we cannot even use yet, no?
Either way, the girl’s got the money to blow on whatever she wants, right?  I bet no one else has a Chanel surfboard.  Golf claps for Audrina.