Audrina Patridge Thinks Heidi Montag Looks Like Barbie

Audrina Patridge had a few words to say about what’s left of her co-star, er, friend Heidi Montag on E!’s “Daily 10.”

“I know
there’s a lot of photos of her, but in person she actually doesn’t look
bad,” Patridge said. “She looks like Barbie. She’s super tiny, her waist is little.  She
just looks, you know, like she can’t really move.” I’m sorry Audrina (pictured at Katsuya with boyfriend Ryan Cabrera), you said she doesn’t look bad? Being compared to a piece of immobile plastic isn’t bad? Please, she makes Barbie look au naturel! I mean, need I link more?  

“It’s a little much,
but as long as she’s happy,” she said. Lame! The bitchery that could have been…