Audrina Patridge Likes Her Meat Juicy

PETA spokesperson Audrina Patridge stripped down to a bikini and opened wide for the new Carl’s Jr. Teriyaki Six Dollar Burger advertisement.

Patridge talked to People about the experience. “I had an absolute blast shooting. It was my first experience shooting a spot with food, and when I pulled up, I was literally salivating looking at all the rows and rows of perfect burgers waiting for me!”

“I was cracking up because I would take a bite, and almost immediately a food handler with white gloves would have a brand new burger ready.”

The producers of the commercial took preemptive measures in make sure that her wardrobe could handle all the mess. “We made sure my bikini was reversible, in case of any ketchup or teriyaki mishaps! It was a great experience, and being on the beach in Malibu was an added perk.” [People]