Audrina Patridge Back In A Bikini & Denying Plastic Surgery Claims [PHOTOS]

September 5th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Audrina Patridge and boyfriend of the moment Corey Bohan, were dancing and drinking at Wyclef Jean’s poolside concert at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday (September 04).

The former reality star blames constant speculation of a breast enlargement on a “chest problem” she has struggled with her whole life. Patridge, who starred in The Hills and now has her own reality show Audrina, claims she has a chest deformity that makes her breasts look like they’re different sizes.

PHOTOS: Audrina Patridge Celebrates Memorial Day In A Bikini

When asked about why her chest has become substantially larger since she first started filming the MTV show The Hills in 2006, Patridge denied she had received breast implants.

“I don’t like to talk about that. Well, see I have this chest problem. My bone right here, it’s higher on this side? It’s pectoralis something. So I’ve always struggled with that. You could see they look different sizes all the time,” Patridge told The Daily.

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“I always get asked about that because of Heidi and there’s all these rumours and they all say I’ve had, like, six procedures, and I’m like, ‘Where do you get that?’,” said Patridge, whose on-off-on boyfriend is Australian BMX racer Corey Bohan, who engaged in a public slanging match when they split temporarily in March. “Look at the pictures. I fluctuate in weight a lot. And as far as my face, I’ve never had anything done.”

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By Michael Prieve

  1. Wow! What spin! Some PR agent dug deep for this one. Just look at Audrina in your Vegas pictures and compare with last summer. There is sadly a LOT less of her now! Audrina claims to have Pectoralis which causes her breasts to look like they are different sizes at different times? WRONG! A drastic reduction before the start of 2011, YES! Look at last summer or any time during the 3 years proceeding 2011 when there were no changes in her bust, then look at Audrina this summer. Audrina went from ample cleavage up close to the breast bone to no cleavage, flat, shapeless, and sagging closer to her navel. That’s a significant reduction not a deformity which has resulted in shapeless Audrina. Don’t know why she did it. She looked so much better before. She should at least use a good push up bra for some cleavage and shape. Btw Pectoralis Major and Minor are muscles in the chest NOT bone problems or deformities. If Audrina had “pectus excavatum” the disease that creates disparity of the breastbone her boobs would have moved regularly throughout her life and not waited until this year! FYI

  2. mir

    who makes that bikini? I like it.

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