Aubrey O’Day Puts Her Nips On Display


Every time a member of Danity Kane flashes her nipples, an angel gets its wings. Or am I thinking about every time a member of the Pussycat Dolls flashes her penis? Who can keep up with these quaint colloquialisms? Not me!

Aubrey O’Day showed up at TRL in New York to promote her nipples, as you can see by the thumbnails below. Oh yeah, and she was also there because of some music thing she’s working on, but clearly the nipples are the stars of the show here.

I love that her fingernails are color-coordinated to match the color of the cause she’s supporting with that purple rubber bracelet of hers. It’s probably something near and dear to her heart, like some organization dedicated to helping out-of-work drag queens with job placement in mediocre pop bands.

Aubrey O’Day’s smarties are after the jump.

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