Aubrey O’Day Shakes Her Butt In High-Waisted Bikini Shorts [PHOTOS]

I don’t know why the devil Aubrey O’Day continues to dress and behave like a fool.  Once upon a time, O’Day was hooking up with P. Diddy and acting all saucy in Making The Band.  Now she’s declaring herself insane, and shaking her rear end in high-waisted bikini shorts (we all know how well high-waisted items go over with everyone).

Yesterday (July 4th), O’Day got her Fourth of July on in the silliest, most unflattering ensemble I’ve seen in recent times.  She partied with friends at the Perry South Beach rooftop, totally aware of the attention she was getting.

O’Day recently obtained a doctor’s note stating that she can bring her dogs on flights.  A Virgin American rep recently told TMZ that the Celebrity Apprentice star is “cleared to bring her 2 pets into the 1st class section of a flight this week … because they are registered as ‘Emotional Support Animals.'” 

The passenger has to prove to the airlines that he or she “has a mental health-related disability” with a doctor’s note, and that the animal with them is necessary to keep him or her calm and not crazy.

That is WHACK.