Attention Whore Comedian Publicly Wishes The Veep Dead

March 6th, 2007 // 19 Comments

Way to get your ass bugged, and your mail sifted through. Dummy. Bill Maher, the elegant gentleman who dressed up as the dead Crocodile Hunter for Halloween, expressed regret that Dick Cheney wasn’t offed in Iraq but then kinda backpedaled. Numbnuts, don’t you know this can be a police state? When I threaten to run over Ann Coulter, people support me because NO ONE likes her ass and she has no power! A couple of people still support Dick Cheney. I’m guessing they work for Halliburton, but still – he has fans! Plus, that guy will blow your face off with his hunting rifle. I read the reports, I know what goes on.

BILL Maher, who was fired by ABC for his big mouth, raised hackles at HBO after seeming to express regret that Vice President Dick Cheney wasn’t killed in an Iraqi bombing last week. The host of “Real Time” complained on Friday’s show that comments posted last week on the Huffington Post had been removed because “they expressed regret that the attack on Dick Cheney failed.”

Maher replied: “But I have zero doubt that if Dick Cheney was not in power, people wouldn’t be dying needlessly tomorrow . . . I’m just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That’s a fact.”

Yesterday, Maher denied he “advocates the whacking of our veep.” In a statement on the Huffington Post, he also said, “I don’t wish him dead.”

Just wounded or in a vegetative state. I guess the reason why I ran this story is because though I’m a liberal queen, I thought ASL should be slightly balanced. Who am I kidding? If I was on that show he used to have where people sat around and discussed politics, I’d be caught looking at my cuticles and making sex eyes with the beefy cameraman. “Abu Ghraib, uh, yeah, who’s he?” I’m a vapid whore. I’d still use Ann Coulter as a hood ornament, though.

By J. Harvey

  1. harold

    hmmm….I was under the impression that we are living in America and had freedom of speech and freedom to be a jackass without having nazis like you attacking us? Where are our rights going people? Wake up Harvey if the government goes further you will be a castrated queen!

  2. Paul

    Dear J Harvey- please note that the NY Post is totally STUPID as the bombing in question occurred in AFGHANISTAN, not Iraq! Jesus…

  3. It was in Afghanistan not Iraq. Stick to fluffy news.

  4. volatile

    Harold, people have the freedom of speech, not the freedom of speech without criticism. People can voice their disagreement with whatever anyone says , they just can’t physically take retribution. I’m pretty sure that if I call my boss a big fat pig, I’m gonna get fired. If I tell my friends they are stupid and smell, they’re gonna quit hanging out with me. People have a right to say and do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone and it’s not against the law. Duh!!!

    OF COURSE Bill Maher has the right to say outrageous things, in fact, that’s pretty much his job. Are you saying no one has a right to vocally disagree? Wouldn’t that be suppressing their right to free speech?

  5. smitten kitten

    Politics aside, Bill Maher is so shockingly ugly, it’s hard to look at him for more than a couple of seconds.

  6. scorp69

    He only said what those of us paying attention wanted to say. I’ll take it a step further and say that I am also disappointed that they found that blood clot.

    Cheney is the devil.

  7. huh?

    Out of curiousity, if the VP HAD been killed in a bombing, wouldn’t the US be likely to use MORE force to catch the terrorists responsible which would mean more troops at risk? It would have just steeled our resolve even more. Seriously, it’s not like the US would have been like “Oh no, they killed the Vice President, lets run away and hide and pretend like this never happened so we’ll be safe.”

    I understand that Maher was trying to say that the VP is responsible for the death of troops, I just don’t think his example holds up.

  8. Rolling Eyes

    scorp69 said:
    He only said what those of us paying attention wanted to say. I’ll take it a step further and say that I am also disappointed that they found that blood clot.

    Cheney is the devil.

    I couldn’t agree more! My thoughts exactly.

  9. Carolyn

    Christ, don’t give the wingnuts ammo (especially the ones that only get their “news” from the Post etc.) He did NOT wish Cheney dead (as it says in your headline). They were discussing OTHER people wishing him dead. Maybe some think it’s a small difference, but a difference nevertheless.

    And smitten kitten, Maher really is atrociously unattractive, isn’t he?

  10. Carolyn

    And one more thing…WHY does this site have to even attempt to be “fair and balanced”? Since when is not offending some people part of the agenda? Boo.


    All I want to know is how the hell Bill Maher always pulls these fine Black women?What is the story behind his lust for Chocolate?

  12. sandy

    Ann Coulter loves gay people. She said so on Hannity last nite. She’s just against gay marriage and thinks civil unions are better. In my opinion gay pepople are better off not being married. Who wants to be miserable like the rest of the married people??

  13. mutterhals

    Crossing my fingers for deep vein thrombosis..Mr. Cheney, go fuck yourself.

  14. Carolyn

    Now that Libby has been indicted (praise god), Cheney may find himself in a position of “stepping down for medical reasons”. It’s like last night’s Prison Break all over again.

  15. harold

    Listen Volatile
    It’s people like you that don’t read the whole story that trouble me! Harvey is warning Maher that the government will get him!
    Should he be?
    You probably are stupid and smell like your friends
    Ooo…I’m scared

  16. T-Bone

    If you think Dick Cheney is the devil and Bill Maher is a decent guy, you’re all mixed up! The devil will be loved by all and so will people like Bill Maher. People like you won’t have clue when the devil comes, because he’ll be speaking your language!

    Dick Cheney might not be all that bright, but I can assure you, he’s not the evil one.

  17. laura

    the article sited in this post is from a ridiculoulsy right-wing website that digs for ANY scrap of info that could possibly make a story show liberals of ANY kind in a bad light.
    in fact, Maher never once said such a thing about the VP. the evidence cited in the article was suggestive and completely taken out of context.
    straight up – he did NOT say it.
    so, ASL, you SHOULD remain balanced. take down this posting, or update it.

  18. T-Bone

    Why should he take it down, Laura, because you don’t agree with it, or because you feel that someone’s words and thoughts were twisted to fit someone else’s agenda? Welcome to the liberal press! Wake up!

  19. um, I am highly disappointed…Kabul Afghanistan people. How unfortunate that socialite life doesn’t know the difference?

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