Attention Tadpoles: ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Queen Eden Wood Is Retiring [VIDEO]

If you’ve been following TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras (or if you’re on the pageant circuit), then you know all about Eden Wood.  She’s, like, famous.  Wood is the Tiffany/Debbie Gibson of her generation, making the rounds at Midwestern malls and posing for fancy pics.  AND Wood’s laying down tracks for an album, which will include her hit single, “Cutie Patootie.”

Eden Wood is six.

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Good Morning America interviewed Eden’s mother/manager, Micki, who announced that Eden is hanging up her crown to focus on fame.  According to Time Magazine, the pageant queen is building herself an empire which includes an Eden showgirl action figure, the “Eden Wood Princess Canopy Bed Collection,” and memoir entitled From Cradle To Crown.  For those of you looking for a dinner show at your mall’s foodcourt, Eden also headlines “Eden Wood And The Glamour Girls.”

Is Micki concerned that she’s teaching Eden to value fame over everything else?  Nah.  “As long as she enjoys what we’re doing and what she’s doing, Mama’s going to keep doing it…Why not see if we can’t have a Hollywood contract? A reality show? A spot on a Disney program? Why not? It’s the American Dream. It’s almost like her destiny,” Wood told GMA.

Meanwhile, Eden’s eyes have been replaced by dollar signs as she sits comatose next to mom.