At Least She’s Playing Safe

September 5th, 2006 // 7 Comments

Many questions arise upon inspection of Lindsay Lohan’s shopping reciept. What is Lindsay Lohan’s secret to staying thin? Hot Pockets and Diet Coke.

Is Harry Morton packing or is Lindsay just being kind by buying Trojan Magnum condoms?

Plus, what’s up with all of the different medicines? Easy there girl.

Written by Lauren Burch

(Source: National Enquirer)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. dreamaskylar

    Look at the “Chaser” on the list!
    Something she definitely needs after the long coke-fueled parties…

  2. Ldysunfyre

    Was she even dating that Morton dude in June?

  3. Cardsgirl

    Didn’t she just turn 20 this summer? The first 3 items on the receipt are wine. Nice…

  4. kelly

    First of all I had Lindsey pegged as a “Box O’ White Zin” kind of gal . . . . but what happened to big grocery chains carding anyone under 30??? or heck, what about anyone who looks under 21????

  5. kelly

    One more thing- what is she running pharmacy . . . sudafed? 2 different nyquils? claratin? excedrin? Unisom? tums? Good Lord- is she running a meth lab?? ha!

    And if she had some Fruits and Veggies (or healthy foods at all) on that tag, maybe she wouldn’t need all those other multivits, and supplements . . . .

  6. susiesneds

    In rehab, I knew a gal named “Kiki-Benzo’s”. She took the cough syrups and the cold meds like they were going out of style! Could our little Lindsay have a little Benzo addiction, hmmmm???
    Granted the gal has “allergies”, but get yourself to a good allergist and don’t home prescribe!
    Downers much?

  7. pagebetty

    ======= This is one medicated hoe! How sad. She’s so young, but she looks like she’s pushing 50.

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