At Least He Is A Good Dad

August 25th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Despite the couch jumping, the Scientology crap, and the recent break up with Paramount, Tom Cruise manages to show up to his children’s baseball game. Thursday in L.A. Tom took time out to visit Conor and Isabella.

Photos of him (which are bound to surface soon) clapping and smiling make him appear to be relaxed, but we all know he is sitting there thinking about joining the wash-ups on “The Surreal Life” to try and re-launch his career in a few years.

However, he is still hanging on as he teams up with Paula Wagner to try and form his own independent production company. The new team has also decided to cut any ties with Paramount.

It’s like watching a very slow train wreck….

US Weekly gives us a look back at the Evolution of Tom Cruise.

Tom takes time out with his kids in L.A. [Hello!]

Written by Cara Harrington

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. At least he bothers to show up at their events,thats a lot more than you can say for their “mother” Nicole Kidman

  2. kendra

    Hahaha, don’t be fooled people!

    Tom’s attending these games is for HIS benefit, not kid’s. Always has been.

    Esp. now, more than ever. He needs all the good PR he can get. And this is FREE.

  3. Draya

    I’m not criticizing Nic K., but you don’t really see her photographed with the kids. I tend to think The Cruiser uses the kids as a media tool, whereas Nic doesn’t.

    Tom has total control of the kids, because they’re Scientologists, too. I doubt the kids had any choice in the matter. Notice they ain’t Catholic, like mom!

    Boy, wait til the tell-all book comes out.

  4. PudendaShenanigans

    Kidman is either living in Nashville, on tour and hiding in the bus with Keith Urban ( I pity that poor man) or living in London. She is never with her photo ops, I mean children. That’s it, they are her children. That’s why they showed up that one day for her wedding.

  5. Small Fry

    And you think Tom Tom cares about those kids? I wonder who they live with because they sure as hell don’t live with her and I’m pretty damn sure he wouldn’t let them near his precious Suri (aka imaginary baby).

    Neither one of these self absorbed freaks could give to shits about those kids.

    Frankly it makes me sick that these Hollywood pukes even reproduce or adopt to begin with (most of them anyway). The kids are raised by a team of nannies and rarely see their parents. I think they have/adopt kids because it’s on the “hot” list of things to do in Glamour magazine.

  6. poisonivy

    i pity the kids …been used as publicity pity tool for gud PR …Tom C jus need to get a (normal) life minus Scientology, he will def get all good offers for movies…look at him now, wif all de stupid crap hes showcasing, hes jus dragging his talent dwn. that if his talent ever exist other than the hidden one (couch jumping). LOL. i used to dislike Nicole in de past , but aftr eveyrthing , i started to respect her for hvg de courage to ditch Tom n marry a Catholic ..Scientologist are just not a life saviour..they creep me out !!!

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