At Least He Is A Good Dad

Despite the couch jumping, the Scientology crap, and the recent break up with Paramount, Tom Cruise manages to show up to his children’s baseball game. Thursday in L.A. Tom took time out to visit Conor and Isabella.

Photos of him (which are bound to surface soon) clapping and smiling make him appear to be relaxed, but we all know he is sitting there thinking about joining the wash-ups on “The Surreal Life” to try and re-launch his career in a few years.

However, he is still hanging on as he teams up with Paula Wagner to try and form his own independent production company. The new team has also decided to cut any ties with Paramount.

It’s like watching a very slow train wreck….

US Weekly gives us a look back at the Evolution of Tom Cruise.

Tom takes time out with his kids in L.A. [Hello!]

Written by Cara Harrington