Ass Alert

June 24th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Click the photo to find out who’s got some interesting bangs behind that ass.

It’s the lovable Jessica Biel!

By Michael Prieve

  1. Liz

    PLEASE stop with the word “Lovable”. I want to hear some interesting adjectives!!! You’re a writer… entertain us! :)

  2. lola

    i love tha bangs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. b.SL

    Yes, interesting is right… she’s a pretty gierl, but delicacy on the Amazonian Goddesses of the world (ie, her) is not a great match.

  4. Rose

    Is she still a single? It is said she post a profile with many hot photos at a beautiful people site. That is a site for wealthy people and their admirers, it is called or something?

  5. marlee

    At first I thought it was Christy Turlington… Jessica’s upper lip looks puffier than normal. It’s too bad when people inject their lips with whatever… it almost always looks so bad!!!!

  6. bettyboop11

    Look at…She is uggly also is not a natural uggliness…just a little more with plastic surgery (nose, lifting and colagen in lips), but maybe she is nice person or has a big heart…

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