ASL’s Red Carpet Video at the Playboy Mansion

February 28th, 2007 // 3 Comments

It’s pretty clear from this video that Lisa and Wayne are so rarely allowed to come near an actual red carpet, and with good reason. It’s a little too much for them just yet. But they’re doing their darndest to try and capture the spirit of the lightbulbs flashing, and yelling of “Hef! Hef! Hef! Holly! Holly! Holly!” in video montage form.

So, for those of you who enjoy moving pictures and fabulous ta-ta’s, please enjoy.

By Wayne Ford

  1. busybee

    OMG i almost threw up watching that… it was shaking all over the place..

  2. super senior

    Oh my god, that little purple “bunny” at the begining was Sara Underwood! She goes to my school!!

    Well… she did before she got the cover of playboy last year. I don’t think she still does.

    Good old Oregon State University.

  3. Yummsh

    Ok, so did you two bitches actually get invited to that thing, or did you just sneak in through the kitchen or some shit? LOL.

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