ASL’s Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons

State of the Blog Address:
So, I’ve actually been pretty social since my last letter to you guys in which I was whining about my cold. Since then, I’ve enjoyed a visit to a pre-Oscar mansion filled with goodies, was filmed by a French documentary TV crew in my apartment, and took a trip to the Playboy mansion. So yeah, I guess I’ve been trying to live up to the “socialite” part of my job description and doing a fairly decent job.

The Haven House was fun, but the best part of it is the fact that Wayne and I won a crazy-expensive toilet seat. As we were riding on the shuttle on the way to the Playboy mansion, he gave me an update and told me that he had ordered it and as soon as it came in the mail, I needed to come over and film him as he installed his new magical toilet seat. Seriously, this thing is going to need a blog of its own. Or at least an ass-warming party.

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OK, and let me explain about this French TV crew that documented my blogging activities for a special they’re doing on paparazzi and celebrity in Hollywood. At least, I’m going to explain it as much as I understand it myself. First, I got an email from this guy, Stephane, who asked if I’d participate and for some reason (which is strange, because I’m usually so cooperative), I just really kept dragging my feet for every meeting that we had scheduled. He ended up filming me, Sarah and Wayne during an episode of Liquid Lunch, and also my morning blogging routine one day. It was so surreal. At one point, he asked me to make some coffee, so they could use it as a “Lisa getting ready to blog” sequence. I suspect they also just wanted some coffee. From the experience, I got a small inkling of what it must feel like to be a reality TV star and let me just say, yuck. That’s the last time I get dressed, fix my bed and put on some make-up just to sit in my kitchen and blog, I tell you what.

Playboy mansion. I was actually pretty excited for this because it’s just such an old Hollywood tradition to go to parties at the mansion that it felt like a rite of passage. Not that we actually got to go in and party–we were simply on red carpet patrol, but it was exciting, nonetheless. Wayne and I have only done a handful of red carpet events and it’s funny because we’re such strange characters, with our digital cameras, tiny microphone and not-as-pushy-as-we-probably-should-be attitudes. It was such a relief when I recognized one of the bunnies and she came over for a little chat. See, that’s the kind of red carpet interview I like–the ones where I already know the peeps. We kept calling ourselves “The Laziest Journalists in the World,” which is a lie cause we’re totally not even really journalists.

In any case, I do feel an obligation to go to these things and think of better questions, and maybe use a mic with a longer cord so that I can one day have the guts to reach out my arm to Simon and say, “Has Paula ever let you touch her boob?”

Peace out,
Lisa T.

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