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As you may or may not know, I don’t have cable television. Yes, this would appear to make no sense, considering the business I’m in. You might wonder, “Does Lisa have something against cable TV?” when the exact opposite is true. Since I work from home, the temptation to wander away from my work station in the kitchen and engage in a “Sweet Sixteen” or “Charm School” marathon would simply be too much for me to withstand. This blog would consist of a lot of posts in which my punchline is simply, “Is her stylist smoking crack or something?”

Because of my TV situation, and after my investment into a 20-inch iMac, I’ve become pretty adept at finding a lot of my favorite shows on the Internet. And I’m guessing that although my lack of cable does make me a bit of a freak, there are at least a few of us out there who are now turning to the Internet for entertainment. All the major networks, NBC, CBS and ABC each have their own media player on which full episodes of a number of their shows can be watched.

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In addition to full episode, networks seem to be capitalizing on the video blog phenomenon, creating one for every show. One of my new favorites is the “Hey Guys, It’s Jen!” vlog on the website for Kathy Griffin’s Bravo show, “My Life on the D-List.” The premise is that Jen (a dude in a wig with an uber-perky personality) works at Bravo and details her life inside a cubicle in the Bravo production offices, signing off each video blog “X to the O, Jen!” According to Jen:

“I was watching Kyra Sedgwick on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio.’ I like Kyra Sedgwick because I’ve never seen her in anything…but I might have.”

Also, I was checking out the “Flight of the Conchords” page on HBO for new video clips from the most recent episode and caught Mel’s blog. For those of you who may or may not remember, she’s the cartoon-y fan (sometimes referred to as a “fan base”), who is clearly in love with both Jemaine and Brett. In an episode in which Mel compares her two favorite folk singers to varieties of cheese, she also explains that she is a passionate person.

“I’m very passionate about art. I put all my passion eggs in one basket. And that basket belongs to Brett and Jemaine, the geniuses behind Flight of the Conchords. And nothing makes me feel more alive than their music…and their clothes.”

Well, I hope I’ve been able to help any fellow cable-deficient individuals out there find some amusing stuff to watch on their computer. Until then, I’ll be here, YouTubing like it’s going out of style.

X to tha O,
Lisa T.
A Socialite’s Life

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