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What’s the best part of a three-day weekend? The four-day work week that follows it, of course. I’m hoping you all enjoyed the Memorial Day Weekend festivities. Personally, I was doing some undercover work in Laguna Beach. OK, I lie. I went there to hang out with family and just do some good, old-fashioned relaxing on the beach. But I did try and keep my eyes open, in case any reality stars whizzed by in giant SUV’s. I also kept my ears perked and ready, should I hear the refrain of the “Sweet Sixteen” theme song wafting in the air. Alas, I think that if you happen to live in Laguna Beach, you tend to vacation somewhere even more upscale and beachy. Like I said in the last Liquid Lunch Podcast, Laguna Beach is for those ritzy locals, what my studio apartment in Hollywood is to me. Sometimes, they need a break from all of that fancy beach by going to an even fancier beach!

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It was fun to be a tourist in a little beach town. I talk about wanting to take trips to Europe, Japan, Alaska–all sorts of places that would require some pre-planned savings and some serious vacation time–but I forget that I’m within driving distance of some pretty fun weekend trips. And I love how this blog post has suddenly turned into me acting like the Tourist Bureau of Southern California. Come to Los Angeles! We’ve got great highways and plenty off weekend escapes!

But back to what you’re here for–celebrity gossip. So, of course when I’m out of town, Lindsay Lohan decides to do something interesting, AKA run over some curbs, flee the scene and get caught with drugs and land herself a big, fat DUI. Seriously? She couldn’t do that in Laguna Beach, where I was very leisurely strolling along the streets with my digital camera? Oh well, it’s probably for the best. She probably would have run my ass over, cause in the gray sweater I was wearing over the weekend, I tend to look something like a sidewalk curb.

And then there’s Rosie and the Funky Bunch. I know that I’m a feminist at heart, who believes that our strength as women comes from avoiding the very arguments that undermine our unity and make us look like a bunch of screeching, catty harpies battling for the spotlight. But then I’m also a screeching, catty harpy within a secret chamber of my feminist heart, and can’t help but be at least somewhat entertained by the silly drama that exists between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O’Donnell. Plus, it’s good for my business, if ya know what I’m saying. And I’m pretty sure you do.

Ah yes, and I’m also remembering that Kathy Griffin’s new season of “My Life on the D-List” is premiering Tuesday, June 5th and I LOVED the first season so much, that the DVD for it is sitting in my Netflix cue. I went on a Kathy binge yesterday, searching for clips of her stand-up and her show on YouTube and was very happy to discover that you can watch full episodes of her show on Bravo (an ASL sponsor, thankyouvermuch), which I’ve been doing. That’s why my work has suffered. But it’s totally worth it.

So, back to work guys, but just think…tomorrow is already Friday! SWEET!

Refreshed and yours,
Lisa T.
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