ASL’s Letter From The Editor, Lisa Timmons

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It feels like the seeds of gossip that were be planted a few months ago have sprung roots and we’re now all enjoying the modest fruits of celebrities’ labors. It’s nothing singularly impressive, like a Britney head-shaving episode, but more like a steady stream of consistent celebrity litigation and romantic change-ups that couldn’t make me happier. Well, another head-shaving episode could, but I don’t want to get greedy here.

As Paris Hilton gets closer and closer to the day she’ll have to serve what I predict will be twenty minutes in the slammer, she and her family seem to have grown quiet, perhaps realizing that there aren’t a whole lot of sympathetic ears out there. And I’m sure it’s not helping that Joe Francis is doing the equivalent of being the kid who emerges screaming from the dentist office to inform the other children in the waiting room just how excruciating his visit was. Nobody seems to be feeling a whole lot of sympathy for these young, irresponsible individuals who are now being forced to lie in the beds they made for themselves. In fact, it’s more than a little satisfying for those of us who don’t own a single item upon which we pay luxury tax.

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However, there are those celebrities who are more easily forgiven. Alec Baldwin found himself surrounded in a whirlwind of controversy when his angry voicemail to his eleven-year-old daughter was leaked to TMZ. And even though there were and are a number of people who found themselves outraged by hearing Alec lose his temper with his child, he found supporters willing to back his claim that although he was wrong to blow his fuse, it was because he has been engaged in a frustrating custody battle that had pitted parent against child.

Then there’s David Hasselhoff, another guy who isn’t exactly staring down a trophy case filled with “Father of the Year” awards, who also found himself in a similar pickle when a video clip surfaced of him drunk and eating a hamburger off the ground while his teenage daughter behind the camera very diplomatically asks him to cut back on the drinking. He found himself temporarily suspended from seeing his children as a result, but has since had his visitation rights reinstated after a court hearing deemed it appropriate.

I think my ability to understand Alec and David’s situation with a bit more empathy comes from the fact that my father–although a dedicated parent–was also flawed. I had the chance to see him from the vantage point of young adulthood and recognized that yeah, sometimes fathers lose their tempers and fuck up royally. And my parents never divorced, so I was spared witnessing the possible button-pushing that I’m sure these guys were both subjected to and probably engaged in themselves, even though they all knew what they were doing was wrong.

But I don’t really know anyone like Joe Francis and Paris Hilton and maybe that’s the reason I have so little sympathy for their situations. I mean, I do have friends who have received DUIs and have had their licenses suspended, but not a single one of them were stupid enough to drive during that time, or act like they didn’t know what they were doing was illegal. Also, these friends of mine are in the midst of figuring out how to pay for legal bills that have resulted from their charges, but any complaints made about lawyer fees are tempered with self-deprecation as opposed to the arrogance displayed by Hilton and her family.

As for Joe Francis, I do have an acquaintance from college, whom I guess reminds me of him somewhat. He used to try and meet girls on the Internet on a regular basis and a few friends of mine decided to play a joke on him and pretend to be two underage girls, who wanted to meet up with him for a tryst at a hotel. It wasn’t until he asked me in a very suspicious tone of voice if he could borrow my video camera for the weekend the rendezvous was supposed to happen and then refused to tell me why that I really started to feel ill. I know it’s not exactly the same situation with Joe, but still, I think it’s just that combination of boys, underage girls and video cameras that sounds all too familiar and gross.

And on that positive note, I’m ending this here letter from the editor, wishing you an awesome, long Memorial Day weekend! Woo hoo! Something about white pants happens this weekend, right?


Lisa T.
A Socialite’s Life