ASL’s Exclusive Interview With The Bravery

The Bravery have spent the past two years planning operations, obsessively working up their wire-y garage-electronics, and occasionally venturing out into the city to play the results. They’ve played everywhere from the Lower East side all over NYC slowly growing a huge fan base. In that time, the Bravery — singer/guitarist Sam Endicott, guitarist Michael Zakarin, bassist Mike H, keyboardist John Conway, and drummer Anthony Burulcich — had honed their sound to a dark garage-electro and made sure everyone knew what they were all about.

Josh (ASL): Thanks for taking the time to talk to us guys!! You’re a super hip rock band from NYC, how did The Bravery take roots? Inspirations? Dish!

Bravery: Well, we’d all got together early on, and it was natural and quick. We’ve always done everything on our own. So there hasn’t been a lot in way of inspiration. The only real inspiration is classic rock, so that is really where we get some of our ideas I guess.

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Josh: So tell me a bit about your first album, it was self titled “The Bravery” .

Bravery: The first album was done really before we went into a studio. We’d done it all our self like we always did. We self produced everything, and that gave our music a lot of integrity to really be what we wanted to be. It was a little dancy at first, but it was a good alternative to what was already out on the market.

Josh: You talk a lot about doing it yourself. Is it hard to self-produce? Why would you pick that?

Bravery: It’s just the way we operate, man. It used to be expensive back when we started it, buying all the software. It started with taking some electronic music courses in college to really understand it. Coming out we scraped together some money so we could make what we want when we wanted. Now though, Every mac comes with Garage band. NIN did a whole album on it. So now it’s easy and you make the sound you want.

Josh: So tell me more about your new album then. “The Sun and The Moon”, and your first single “Time won’t let me go”.

Bravery: A lot of bands have a sophomore jinx to them and we didn’t want that. We took a little extra time to really put a lot of thought and process into our writing. Rushing doesn’t solve anything. We played a lot of shows to grow and progress and now it shows in our variety and growth. The single “Time Won’t Let Go” is a child of the tour with Depeche mode, when we wrote it. It’s just about regret and sadness in a relationship, and how it’s ended and you just.. wish time would let go.

Josh: Alright, well let me wind this down as you have a super busy schedule. What did you guys do on your world tour as you had to not be used to touring like this?

Bravery: We had our crew do hilarious stuff. Our sound check crew wore Mexican wrestling outfits and speedo’s and masks just like luchadores. That’s all they wore on stage too. One of our band members played in a bikini for one show. We played A LOT of halo. A whole lot of halo. We hope to get a wii on the next tour

Josh: Alright, last question. What’s next for The Bravery?

Bravery: Touring. A whole lot of touring. Touring Touring Touring. Going out to see our fans and play for them is what we love to do. It’s what we were born to do and we love it. Also, fans can go to or for ways to find us and see what we’re up to!

SO GO THERE! Check them out! I’d also like to personally thank Dani over at Cornerstone for getting me the interview on short notice. She’s amazing! Check out The Fader… and.. go iTunes the new Bravery single. It’s awesome!

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