ASL’s Exclusive Interview With Paramore

If I told you a band debuted in the UK ahead of My Chemical Romance, Paul McCartney, and Fergie you’d think they were a mega band releasing a new single. You’d be partially right, It is a mega band… you just haven’t bought their record yet to put them there. Paramore, a band from Franklin Tennessee, has been the next big thing for the past few years. Meeting up in school in Tennessee at a young age, they grew from a Funk/Soul cover band with Doobie Brothers and Chaka Khan on their playlists, to headlining the Warped Tour. Yet, with their new release of RIOT! They look to squash the “Next Big Thing” and be the “thing” everyone listens to. With riffs that rival some of the most recent summer anthems, to lyrics that evoke even some of the most complicated emotion you’ll find yourself regretting you’ve not heard them sooner. Now here is the big kicker, Most of the band isn’t even legal to drink yet, but you’ll still find yourself in your cars, on your iPods, with your mixed CD’s with this band in mind. So, Hayley (the vocalist) granted Socialitelife an interview, and here it is!!!

Josh: Thank you so much for granting our website this interview Hayley!

Hayley (paramore): It’s no problem! The site is awesome! It’s so crazy how many readers you guys have!

Josh: Well, Thank you. I do have to get the canned questions out for our readers first. How did your band come together at such a young age?

Hayley: I met Zac and Josh who are brothers in I guess it was 2002. I was 13 years old going on 14, and Zac and Josh came up to me at school. We were at a really small school, maybe 90 kids in the whole thing. They came up to me and basically said, “Hey you look like you love our style of music”. They were really outgoing, and it was really easy to get along with them. Our friendships were really built on mixed cds. Zac would bring me cd’s with Jimmy eat world, and it was a totally different side of music. Jeremy was the oldest of us, he was like 16. Maybe a little older, and he was playing bass in a cover band. We all just grew up together. Now we’re all just in one big sleepover pretty much.

More of Josh Martin’s interview with Paramore after the jump.

Josh: Then it begs this question. I heard the cover band did Chaka khan. Funk cover band.. is that serious?

Hayley: Yeah, we covered Doobie Brothers, and Chaka Khan, Stevie wonder. Party music basically.

Josh: How in the world did you go from Doobie Brothers to Pressure or Misery Business ?

Hayley: We just like all kinds of music. Even Josh and Zac were really into the stuff we played in the cover band. We’re so passionate about music, and new things. Sometimes it means we have to delve into new styles. We have a great time with it. Our first record is straight up pop rock. RIOT! Has a lot more of a versatile sound than what we did at first.

Josh: Every press outlet that heard you at first labeled your band “The Next Big Thing”, how does one band transition from the next big thing. Also does it put any pressure on your shoulders?

Hayley: It’s pretty surreal. Hopefully this is everything they said it was going to be. It could be a ton of pressure, but we have fun with it. We love being the underdog. Now that we’re getting away from the next big thing, people are saying “What now?” it’s weird to be in this position but we’re having a fun time.

Josh: I know your single debuted in the UK recently. You debuted ahead of Fergie, and Paul McCartney. How do you deal with that, you being 18, and I think you’re OLDEST band member being what… 21? You’re hardly a beatles generation.

Hayley: Oh man. What.. uh.. I didn’t even know that! I don’t know if I should be stoked or out of my mind. Wow. It’s a great thing that people are catching on to our music. We are so proud of our record, and I hope people love it the way we do.

Josh: You’ve talked a bunch so far about Fallen, your first album. Tell me a bit about the recording process of your second album, the one that has put you square in the spotlight.

Hayley: We were on the road almost all of 2006. That’s when I wrote Misery Business and it was about a year ago. I also wrote some of the rest of the songs during warped tour. It was a real hectic time, but once we were off the tour circuit. We really got the chance to focus 100% on the record. We didn’t get distracted with the pressure of it, we really love our music. We just wanted to make something we’d love playing for the rest of our lives. Our producer really brought everything out of us we had at that time. The cool part is, I know we have more in us now, than we did even at the start of this album. So I’m really satisfied with the album.

Josh: I know you’d played smaller venues for a while in the US before picking up steam. How does a band such as yourselves transition from small venues to headlining the warped tour. Are you ready to re-brave the tour circuit.

Hayley: Hopefully. When we were just over in the UK we got to play a few of the smaller venues. Even in London, we sold out a pretty big venue. We played the Underworld, it had a 350 cap. We couldn’t interfere with some clause. It was nice to go back to playing some smaller venues. It reminds us about that’s where we started, but it also reminds us that we’re still growing. However, we’re still stoked to go headline a tour after Warped.

Josh: A little more about the album before I ask about yourself. I know you’re the lead vocalist, but do you write all the lyrics yourself?

Hayley: It took me a really long time to get used to the fact that everything I was writing about my best friends had to listen to. It’s harder to write what you f eel and what is going on with you when you know your best friends are going to hear it. With this album we were more direct. We lived together for 3 months in a hotel in New Jersey. We were away from our comfort zone, so that really bonded us. We got closer than ever and it made our work even better. As for the writing, I write most of the lyrics sometimes Josh comes in and helps me. I’ll come in and help with music. We’re really a team effort. Once we have a foundation of a song, we take it to zac and Jeremy. We work on the sound and the arrangement. It’s what really makes it sound like our band.

Josh: Do you have a personal favorite song on the new album, RIOT!

Hayley: Um… Gosh. Actually one of my favorites is a B-Side. It’s called “Stop This Song”. I just got the chance to do things with my vocals that I’ve never really gotten the chance to do before. It had a ton of harmonies, and I love harmonies. I had a great chance to do new things with my voice. Out of the 11 tracks on the album, I love “That’s what you get”. I like Misery business just because of how honest it is.

Josh: Well, Let me digress a bit. How has it been touring the world and being a younger person. Most girls you’re age right now just got done with High school, or a Senior prom. You just toured Japan and the UK?

Hayley: It’s such a huge blessing. We get to see a bunch of different places and experience things. We talk about it all the time. I remember being in Paris, and we were sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower about walk up the entire thing by the stairs, and asking each other what the other kids our age are doing right now.

Josh: Okay, the personal question. You’re 18, female, in a group with a bunch of guys. How does the touring flow? Is it fun? How do things work?

Hayley: We’re not really… I dunno. We’re not very rock and roll lifestyle. We get made fun of by other bands in a joking way. We’re normal people, but the other guys the band are my brothers. I hang out with them when I’m home anyways. We’re not really different. I respect the fact their dudes, and we’re not always into the same things. It’s fun, and a great time. But they’re my brothers, it’s just a great time.

Josh: Well Hayley, thank you so much for your time. Thank the guys in the band for me, and we here at Socialitelife look forward to following up with you on the warped tour! Thank you so much!

As a writers note, Hayley was the most selfless person I’ve interviewed in a while. She rarely used the words I or me, which should say a lot to the dynamic of their band, and you feel that in their music. The band isn’t just a short pop-punk girl with red hair and a spunky attitude. Their music is like them, it’s aged differently. It’s sped up, and slowed down. It’s emo without being whiney, or bratty. Almost a very literal anti-avril lavinge. Whatever they are, I promise you they’ll be a force to be heard on the airwaves this summer. If you do nothing else, go to, or their myspace, or iTunes and listen to their music. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

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