ASL’s Exclusive Interview With Halifax

Yeah, yeah. You know it already. Halifax can really party. Hell, even the old bag in the cubicle next to you probably knows them from their stint on The Real World Austin. But what’s decidedly more important is that the Thousand Oaks, California-reared quintet’s music translates. Just ask the million plus visitors to the band’s PureVolume page. But better proof lies with the band’s crackling debut album, “The Inevitability of a Strange World,” which finds frontman Mike Hunau, guitarists Chris Brandt and Adam Charles, bassist Doug Peyton and drummer Tommy Guindon at a distinct advantage over other booze-swilling, excess-extolling rising stars. Sure, many have tried through the years, but few bands have managed to bridge the great divide between rock, punk and metal with their hooks, hearts and hopes intact the way these electric warriors have. We were lucky enough to get on the tour bus with Halifax and ask them a few questions!

Josh: How did you guys form the band? You’ve been around for a bit, but tell me the story of your guys getting together?

Adam: Chris and Mike, were in a local band from Thousand Oaks, California called Halifax. I had known Chris from high school, and I’d been his best friend since forever. There was a band that Chris and Mike were in that they wanted to take to a professional level, which is where I came in. Ha! Just we were some like-minded guys that wanted to take it to the next level.

ASL’s exclusive interview with Halifax continues after the jump…

Josh (ASL): This is the first real tour for a full-length album. You’ve had EP’s before this, correct?

Adam: We released the full-length in May of 2006. We’ve been touring on it since then, but this is for sure the biggest headlining tour we’ve ever done.

Josh: How has it been, headlining?

Adam: It’s fun, it’s cool. It’s reassuring to know that kids want to come out to see us. We’ve brought great bands out to this tour, but it’s fun to be the main event. It’s really awesome to come out every night and know kids are there to see us too.

Josh: Before this, all you’ve done has been done in mini-van’s and cars. How is the tour now that you guys are on a big bus?

Adam: It’s great, but we did it intentionally. We took the tour bus because we are really trying to get ready to write our next album. We’re kinda on the end of the life cycle at the end of our first length album. We wanted to get our next album out as quick as possible. It takes up too much of our own time to drive ourselves. It’s really great though to stretch your legs out a bit.

Josh: Tell our readers a little bit more about your album and style of music, if they haven’t heard of you.

Adam: We’re just a bunch of kids trying to play rock music. Everyone terms that differently.

Chris: EMO. We sing and play emo. We’re an emo band.

Josh: I’ve got to ask, as the celebrity site, are you glad to be out of the MTV bonds? I know you guys got pretty bombed on the Real World TV show and partied.

Adam: I mean, it helped us a lot. I never felt we were tied to it though. It comes up in interviews and we say how cool it was. I liked it and we had fun. We got drunk, honestly it wasn’t that bad.

Josh: OK, awesome. So what’s next for Halifax?

Adam: Taking the summer off to record, basically. Touring more, trying to get out there, ya know? We want to headline off our next record. We’d like to be on another tour once we get done off the album just to get back into the flow.

Josh: Inspirations for the next album? This past album?

Chris: Iron Maiden, and Motley Crue. Whatever we hear, we’re inspired to and we fit whatever we can into our writing style. There isn’t a type of music we simulate.

Josh: Alright fellas, you have to get out to sound check and stuff, so I’ll leave ya be!

Adam: One thing. Can you get me a date with Elisha Cuthbert? Or at least let her know she’s my girlfriend or something? That’d be awesome.

Ha! Well, the interview with Halifax really reflects who they are, as a band–sitting around on the bus, not separated. They really cared about people, and talking to me taking the time to focus on our interview. Go to to listen to their music, or go and find it on their PureVolume site.

Also, Elisha Cuthbert. This is from Adam. Please know, he’s in love with you, and you probably should date him. He’s a rock star, and he can shred.