ASL’s Best of the Best Dressed- It’s Oscar Time Baby

It is the mother of award shows y’all. The Oscars are slightly over 3 hours of celebrity back patting. While style matters very little to the statue, if you aren’t on one of the best dressed lists out there… start guzzling free booze. Because if you didn’t make an impression on the carpet, no one will remember.

To satisfy your fashion hungry palate here are the Best of the Best Dressed.

This year Oscar- wear was all about making a statement. It was a more laid back atmosphere and I was a little disappointed. Every color under the sun walked the red carpet. Everything from pink to a bright and awful aqua with a slight translucent taupe that Mary Hart tried to wear, made an entrance. It looked like the red carpet had allowed prom goers wander onto it mistakenly. There was a lot of bad taste out there. But bold lips or outlined eyes were popular with smokey lids. The soft natural glow looks weren’t absent by any means. The soft makeup complimented all of the soft curly dos. Hairstyles were swept bundles of thick locks loosely pinned. Jennifer Lopez, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Samantha Harris, and Cameron Diaz all were curly haired queens. Accessories were big and bold. Bracelets were the must have, as layers of silver and chunky diamonds reigned supreme. I am not sure what Meryl Streep was thinking with her necklace of big beads.

Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett tied for my best dressed award. Two completely different styles were gorgeous and unique. Helen is a member of the geritatric generation, but dresses like an ageless goddess in her Christian Lacroix gown. Perfection. She is an example that I wish her fellow stars would take a note from. The scoop neck is usually something the aging fear, but she confidently wore it. Cate Blanchett is known for being unique and has a style all her own. She always has a stunning quality about her. The neckline is fantastic and a trend I welcomed. Her silver gunmetal appearance shines in all her statuesque glory. The bejeweled and one shoulder look were a popular trend and she wore the combination well.

Find Out Where Maggie Gyllenhaal Ranked and Who The Sharp Dressed Man Award Goes to After the Jump.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is one confident lady. Her dress was mostly gorgeous. A deep blue that boarder indigo was demure, but sported black feathers on a small train and outlining the hem. Not the best embellishment, but different. Her cardinal mistake was wearing the feathers in her hair. It gave a skunk like appearance. With two rows of black feathers on the side of her head, it gave her a streak of brunette down the center of her head. Despite the blunder her body was on fire. Post baby, she looked fantastic. The neck line was perfection and framed her face. Brains and a true, natural beauty win her runner up of the best dressed.

Reese Witherspoon looked fantastic. She was flawless in a layerd gown of what appeared to be a deep plum. Her figure was to kill for. Everything about her was gorgeous and a safe bet. Breaking up is hard to do, but she works revenge hotness.Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

And now with the Sharp Dressed Man Award.
You may ask me if have been drinking when I tell you Steve Carell looked dapper. The answer to that would be yes, but his tux was sleek and different from the peaked lapels. It was refreshing to see my favorite funny man looking so chic.