ASL’s Best Dressed SAG Awards Red Carpet-Caste

It was an array of styles, trends, and a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. Elegant moved aside for edgy style, fun fabrics, and every color under the sun. Turquoise, bright reds, soft yellow and nude gold, even Katherine Heigl wore a deep coral hue. The nude and gold colors won the carpet with figure hugging lines. Even makeup leaned toward neutral tones with bright lips and casually swept back hair.

Abigail Breslin is like kryptonite to me and my catty snark. The girl was rocking her little Jimmy Choo shoes and had lip gloss and cookies in her purse….so freakin’ cute I almost liked children for a moment.

Moving on with the best-dressed and the castes that ran rampant on the carpet. Movie stars mixing with TV celebrities always makes for interesting style choices. To keep it fresh and in theme with award season I have categorized the winners for you easy reading pleasure.

Most Improved Style- Chandra Wilson finally got the memo and looked beautiful in a satin gown that had nothing but flattering elements to it. A medium v-neck plunge showed off her chest in a classy way while the gathering through the waist gave her more of a torso. The creamy color was neutral and actually worked well with her tones. It was a huge step up from her purple pant suit that somehow echoed Elvis in his latter years that she made the mistake of wearing to the People’s Choice Awards.

Find Out Which Other Surprise Fashion Winners Made the Cut After the jump.

Super Model Worthy Style- Cate Blanchett was fabulous. Her Armani Prive golden gown practically smoked as she walked down the carpet in all her statuesque glory. It was a combination of edgy an elegant that was perfect for the event.

First Time Best Dressed Winner on My List- Sandra Oh just appeared wearing a lovely beaded nude gown that said “I finally get it.” A thick ribbon created the hem and brought your eye to the entirety of her dress. A beaded black pin sat just under the bust line and added a couture element. As she spun around she looked like a flower made of lace that gave her a feminine touch.

Men’s Fashionable Fox- James Denton looked dapper in his tux that had a little white peeking out of his pocket. It added just a touch of uniqueness that is difficult to achieve in the land of suits and tuxes. The slight stubble didn’t hurt either.


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