ASL Party Post: World Poker Tour

WHO: World Poker Tour

WHAT: Celebrity Poker Chic

WHERE: The Haven House

WHEN: February 22, 2007

WHY: To benefit the arts education and advocacy programs of The Creative Coalition

CELEBS: Joe Pantoliano. Jennifer Tilly.

Last week, I attended the World Poker Tour at the Haven House. Haven is a beautiful house in Beverly Hills where our editor Lisa got all her free Oscar swag. This is the Pre-Oscar party that Mood tried desperately to be.

There were two tables set up for the poker players. Since I’m not a poker fan, I decided to peruse the house. It’s kind of difficult to maneuver through a house when there are tons of people, including camera-men filming the tournament and various booths set up throughout the mansion for the Oscar swag.

I finally made my way through the maze and outside to the terrace, which was covered by a tent and where two of the bars were located. With cocktail in tow, my friend Ruben and I decided to perch ourselves on a sofa and check out the crowd. I’m sure there were tons of other celebrities there, but this story wouldn’t be interested with lots of “Oh, that’s the guy from that movie that did that thing.” Instead we just sat back and people watched. People like “hair plug” guy. People like the guys trying to hit on the Belvedere Vodka girls. People like the same guys trying to hit on the Trim Spa Water girls (girls, I might add, that look like they’ve never needed or will ever need Trim Spa). People like the exact same guys trying to hit on the girls covered in chocolate. Yes, there was a booth set up with topless girls covered in chocolate.

Then we made our way out to the balcony which had a stunning view of L.A. But, since it is L.A. and the temperature dipped below 60, we ran back into the warmth of the house. Back inside, we decided to check out some of the appetizers. As soon as the wait staff would bring out platters of food, it would be gone before the tray even hit the table! That was one of the oddities of the evening, especially in a town where people rarely eat. I guess it was all that Trim Spa Water that people were guzzling that was making them hungry.

All in all, the party was a huge success and I had a blast. Now that awards season is over, I’ll hardly know what to do with myself during the evening. I guess I’ll just have to grab myself a martini and brainstorm…