Saturday night, I checked myself into the Stoli Hotel to celebrate my birthday. As you may remember from a past post here on ASL, it’s not an actual hotel, but part of a month-long promotion for Stolichnaya Vodka. They rented a 10,000 square foot space in Hollywood that was designed to look like a hotel inside. Here’s how Stoli describes it:

Invited guests will be greeted by a full-service concierge as they enter the hotel to view the exquisitely designed bar or visit the integrated spa. A series of individually designed guest rooms, inspired by Stoli’s full flavor portfolio, will host a range of events. The elit Suite, which pays homage to Stoli’s ultra-luxury vodka, Stolichnaya elit, will be open to VIPs only.

My guests and I stayed in the Stoli Blueberi room. Everything in the room was blue with bottles of the Stoli Blueberri encased in glass integrated into the fake walls even. I never had a chance to enjoy the spa services, but I did make my way over to take a peek. You could actually get massages, facial, manicures and pedicures.

From what I can tell by the pictures, it looked like my party was a success. The organizers of Hotel Stoli didn’t exactly plan to have my birthday take place at their completely unrelated event, but a mere Evite and subsequent email reminders later, and I successfully managed to co-opt the event for my own personal use. Ah, only in Hollywood…

I also have a sneaking suspicion that my guests and I may have been the first to cause the Stoli Hotel to actually run out of Stoli before the night’s end. What can I say? We were thirsty.

More photos from the Mike’s birthday at the Stoli Hotel after the jump…