ASL Party Patrol: Marie Claire Magazine Party at Mood

WHO: Marie Claire Magazine Party/Mood Wednesdays

WHAT: Model Search Party/The Pre Academy Awards Oscar Party

WHEN: February 21, 2007


WHY: The search for ladies to be spotlighted in the Beauty Roadshow Feature of the June issue of Marie Claire/Oscar party


Well, well, well…you got me, good Mood Wednesdays. I was totally excited about this event. Anything that has the words “Model Party” and “Pre-Oscar Party” has got to be good. Unfortunately, that actually didn’t happen.

I got to Mood around 8:30, even though my confirmation said I MUST arrive by 8pm. When I got inside, I noticed that the staff was still setting up for the party. They were feverishly putting copies of Marie Claire on the tables along with Mardi Gras beads and masks. So I decided to go to the bar and get a cocktail until the dust settled, which by the way was a No Host Bar! BOO! That should have been my warning as to what type of night I in store for me.

More on the Marie Claire party after the jump.

The dust never settled and the party never got off the ground. The place stayed empty pretty much the entire time I was there. It just reminded me of a company that rented out Mood to have a party. I’m thinking that the few people that were there probably all worked at Marie Claire.

And as for the Pre-Oscar party, I didn’t witness any “Appearances by Academy Nominees and Members” as the invite said. Although they were playing a movie called “Camjackers” and a few of the actors were there, but I highly doubt any will ever be nominated for an Oscar any time soon.

I’ll be going to another “Pre-Oscar” party tonight. Hopefully it’s better. If not, y’all will still hear me complain about it.