ASL PARTY PATROL: Instinct Magazine Party

June 9th, 2007 // Leave a Comment

Thursday night I attended the Instinct Magazine party at The Factory. Being that this was a gay event, and there was an open bar, I knew I HAD to be there right when the event started. There’s only one thing the gays love more than alcohol, and that’s free alcohol. It started at 8pm and I got there 5 minutes late and there was already a line of about 20 guys. BITCHES!

All the usual suspects of West Hollywood were holding court throughout the venue. My main concern was making sure I got my fair share of the Absolut open bar, which only lasted 2 hours. BITCHES!

About halfway through the event, there was a fashion show by underwear and swimsuit designer Andrew Christian. It wouldn’t be a gay event without men strutting their man meat on stage in their undies. Unfortunately, J.P. Calderon the hottie Instinct Magazine cover boy and contestant of Survivor: Cook Island wasn’t in the show. He just walked around spreading his gorgeousness throughout the crowd.

And, like most nights in West Hollywood, I ended the night at The Abbey. That’s where things got fuzzy. I’m guessing that means I had a great time.

More photos of men is tiny swimsuits after the jump.


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