ASL Party Patrol: Anna Nicole Smith Tribute

Last night I attended an Anna Nicole Smith Tribute Event at Here Lounge in West Hollywood. I’m still trying to figure out what the tribute was. I guess D-List celebs paying homage to the passing of one of their own is a completely different process than how the A-Listers mourn the loss of a fellow star.

There was, of course, the requisite photo montage of Anna plastered across all the plasma screen TV’s and a couple of girls dressed up like Anna. But that’s where the “tribute” ended. It was mainly about getting face time on the red carpet and the open bar. I think the longer you stayed in front of the photographers, the bigger your tribute. And that award went to the infamous Bobby Trendy, the night’s host. Or maybe it was the guy who went to high school with Anna and had people sign his yearbook. I’m actually not even making that up.

More smack and many more pictures from Anna Nicole Smith Tribute Event after the jump…

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As you can see in my photos, it was all about camera time for this group. I’m usually a little intimated when I go to an event and I don’t take a lot of pictures. But not this time! So, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

And, in case you were wondering who some of the D-Listers were that attended the tribute, there was: Bobby Trendy, Janice Dickinson, Kim Kardashian, two of Diana Ross’ kids, Jeffree Star and the guy that went to high-school with Anna.

Rest in peace, girl. Now, someone take my picture and get me a drink so I can get my grieve on!