ASL Interviews Laura Howard of PromQueen.TV

I’m sure by now you’ve seen or have at least heard of the Myspace-driven video series “Prom Queen.” If you haven’t, then I’m sorry to inform you that you are definitely not a cool kid. I mean I’m totally sure Rumer Willis, Dakota Johnson and Ireland Baldwin watch it (well, if Daddy approves).

“80 Episodes in 80 Days” is what Michael Eisner’s new media company, Vuguru, promises. Most of them will star my friend and actress Laura Howard, who plays the saucy British exchange student Danica.

Granted “Prom Queen” feels a bit too “CW” for my taste and I’m probably not exactly their target audience, but the show is addictive. And each webisode is only 90 seconds, so it’s not so much of a time commitment that it encroaches upon my fast-paced, celebrity-gossip filled lifestyle. Cause I’m a busy man, y’all. I gots celebrity news to report.

OK, and that last digression pretty much means I need to stop writing. Let’s let Laura fill you in on the juicy details of PromQueen.TV

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